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I havent seen a damnn thing on the VEC2 and its results on NA vipers of rquite some time. has there been only ONE car to have done it so far?! the results were nothing short of amazing and itd be nice to see some more results. anyone?

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well..i'm installing one here tues-wed and should prob have it on the dyno by the weekend..i'll et ya'll know how it works..

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J DAWG said:
Snake Bitten said:
CitySnake said:
I wish I could get Sean back posting here! I can't even remember anymore....who the hell ran him off?

Wasn't it Smokin, and the Smooth Tube saga...
I think he tried to rough up Becky over a radiator hose and it got real ugly after that. :slap:
Oh yeah! /images/graemlins/laughing.gif NOW I remember (smooth tube saga :rofl: ) ...bastage Smoke!
Despite that singular incident, he's money with Vipers. I'll keep trying.
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