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VEC I questions..

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Anyone know how much HP a VEC I will add to a stock Gen I?? Anyone with dyno proven results?? I'm considering getting one if it is worthwhile.
Input please?
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I can't see it adding any power to a stock motor.
Actually - I can't see the point in using it on a stock motor, unless
you're trying to correct a glitch.
The VEC is used to bring the A/F in line, for modded motors that have
stretched the limits of the stock PCM. In certain situations, correcting
the A/F may allow you to find more HP, but generally the mods give you the power, and the VEC gives you the safety.
Why wouldn't you expect it to add HP to a stock motor?

Mine is a Gen II, but I picked up 44 RWHP on a stock motor -- that's back-to-back dyno runs from zeroed to being set properly. Actually the car was a bit hot on the last run, as there were two runs in between where we were still making adjustments. The only serious non-stock thing about my car is no cats and no muffler.

On a stock motor, mostly it'll help you dial out the extreme rich conditions that plague the stock PCM. I'm in the camp that believes the older PCMs made a bit more power, so I imagine the difference may be less -- and then there are the other Gen I / Gen II diferences, too -- but I'd think if you set it up on a dyno, you'll still see something.
Who really keeps their car stock. By the time you add smooth tubes and
pull the cats, you have altered the fuel demands. What I was getting at
was the WOT conditions, of a stock motor, leave little gains to be made from
A/F manipulation. But all Vipers aren't created equal, and I know some
stock motors will net gains on the low end. I guess what I was trying to
do was put things in perspective - you generally find more perceived benefit
from the VEC after mods. And if you are going that route, and get a good
deal on a VEC first - latch onto it. Especially with the A/F monitor. :cheers:
I am putting my VEC1 in this weekend - especially after seeing the A/F numbers drop straight off the chart at 3,500rpms at the dyno last week...

I was think more of the 15 to 20 HP range... The Torque drops off as well...

The dyno simply said that stock - it is trying to tell the engine that those CATs are getting way too hot at WOT... Which is obviously not needed since a majority of people do not have CATs - including myself...

IMO - it is a significant difference - just adjusting the mixture at idle you can tell the difference when feeding the beast...

For around $200 - what more could you ask for...

This weekend we are going to see if we can make both knobs a little more stealthy - possibly out them inthe ash tray or the glove box...

Then I'll Dyno again next Friday and post both slips... i expect a fairly significant difference...
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To me "stock motor" meant stock internals. No rockers, no cam, etc... I just assumed tubes/filters, and exhaust work is a fairly safe assumption.

Bang for the buck, you can't beat a VEC.
PM me if you want one. I'm not going to be able to use mine anymore, so I guess I'll sell it.
BigC, why can't you use yours anymore???
I'm debating custom programming. Not sure yet.
One of our guys needs one...How's $150 sound???
Let me figure out what I'm going to do. I can't decide what to do with the nitrous yet.
BigCarrot said:
Let me figure out what I'm going to do. I can't decide what to do with the nitrous yet.
Well not a 300 shot..but you gotta get on the spray!
Anyone have the LED display laying around that doesn't need it anymore? I purchased a VEC1 but without the display.
Dennis...You don't have to use the LED Air Fuel gauge, as it works totally independent from the VEC1...

You can use an AutoMeter gauge like [color:"blue"]this one...[/color] matches our dash gauges perfectly...and then when you get on the spray, you can add an AutoMeter electric N20 pressure gauge, like [color:"blue"]this one...[/color] again, matches our gauges perfect...Or any other 2 1/16" gauge for fuel pressure, exhaust temp, etc...

And you'll need a gauge pod from Scott (Vipermed) at [color:"blue"]Elite Motorsports[/color] He has them for the RT/10 now...

The end result will look like this...except I don't have my new pod yet, this pod is for the GTS, but Scott modified it so it would fit, but the new ones fit perfect...

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