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anyone know of any new happenings with this alleged 50rwhp modification for non supercharged vipers??
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The last I heard, it was 50 Peak HP, average of 36 HP gain. Sean Roe is buidling inventory and will be ready for sale soon. I heard this about a month ago. I also was recently told it will be sold for $995.00! :ugh:

Considering the VEC1 is $395 or $495, I lost interest when I heard how much it was going to be.

They may still be working out bugs in the program.
It's a lot, but it's pretty cool to run it on a dyno and see how it smooths out the curve and eliminates that characteristic dip. I had one on mine for some testing awhile back.

The VEC1 gave me about 44 RWHP, and I don't remember what the VEC2 gave me (Sean wanted to keep the sheets) but I drove around with it on there for a few minutes and throttle response felt a bit crisper in the lower RPMs. (And that was quite awhile back, before Sean got really good with the VEC2 software...)
so, doubel the rwhp for about 2x the price..seems logical
Sounds like they are practicing the art of Value based pricing instead of cost based pricing...
Did not realize the price was close to 1 g. I just assumed it would be around $500 to $600 for the unit. That is some killer power and if it yields 50rwhp it still comes in around $20/hp so I guess it is in line.

Anyone have the link to the topic posted months ago about this?
If it gives around 35 RWHP for $1000 that is a bargain! Face it, once you get past smooth tubes and filters most Viper mods are closer to $100/hp.
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