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VEC 1 pics

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anyone have any pics of the unit installed? and any idea on how to install it?

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It's pretty complicated from what I understand. You best bet is to call your bud Chuck.
damn, was hoping to do it myself....:(

but chuck treats me good.
CitySnake said:

It's pretty complicated from what I understand. You best bet is to call your bud Chuck.

It's not complicated.

It took me about 2 hours I think. That might be stretching it too...

Roe can provide you with the install guide if you call/email him.

I'd post pics but I didn't take any while installing.
im actually more interested in after the install, what it looks like installed.

nexus, ya mind???
Gerald - do you still have those digital pics of it mounted in my air-conditioning vent...?

If you are going to mount it - right behing the air vents in the center dash works great... Then the wire come out of that AC hole by the pedals...

And then all you see are the knobs to adjust it... Definately stealth...

I'd send you a pics - Gerald has some of it - but my cars are still up at Archer's...
Send me a PM, I have a few pics.

Not a lot of room to work with under the dash (can you say contortionist).

Originally, I had mine on top of the steering column. That did not last because the disco lights drove me nuts. It was convenient for "tuning" however.

I now have it installed under the driver's seat.

You have to run a couple of wires to the ECM. I removed the ECM and put a hole with grommet through the firewall there to get the wires through.
The original owner of my car had it mounted on the steering column ..It looked sweet !

Glen I didn't think the VEC would fit in the AC vent..Talk about a stealth install :thumb:
sounds easy enough so far.

PM on the way
I have to admit, for the $150 that chuck tator wants to install it for me. its not worth ME doing it.

cant wait now.
plum -

Just read this tonight(morning) at 1:30am...still need pics?

Let me know and I'll snap a bunch for ya in the morning. :thumb:
yeah send me anything ya got. I appreciate it.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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