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Value of this supercharged 94 supercharged Viper?

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Hi all,
I'm new to the list, and don't know a great deal about Vipers. I live and work in Japan, and have been intrigued by a black supercharged 94-ish Viper on auction. Here's the URL. (Don't worry too much about the garbage where words should be - you won't be able to read them unless you have a Japanese system - or maybe try Altavista translations?)

Cars here generally fall in value ridiculously as they get old, with the exception of a number of cult cars. Mid 90's Vipers here generally sell for around 5-6 million yen, or $40-50,000. Expensive you may say.
Anyway, the owner of this car claims it cost $300,000 US to build, which sounds unlikely. He may well have paid that, especially at the end of the bubble here, when a foreign car was (is?) a status symbol, and was priced accordingly.
The car has travelled 12,000 kms, and the current highest bid, with no reserve, is about $33,000 US. (This could be way different by the time you read this, due to the nature of auctions.)
S0 - What's it worth?? I'm sure all of you are way more informed than I, and (hopefully?) might be able to make something from the pictures. Still four days left on the auction. Should I make an effort to join the fold with this car, and if so, what is a reasonable price?
Sorry for the uninformed content.
Poruka :newbie:
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OK, nice car... but where's the supercharger? I still see smooth tubes and an airbox.

ok now I see it. very strange system. Probably one of a kind. I'm sure if it breaks down your poop outta luck!
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Depending on what it had done $30K is NOT unlikely even in today's or yesterday's market, but $300K? Bullshit. Gen I vipers are notorious for blowing head gaskets, I dont know what was done on this one to alleviate that problem. Also that SC system looks unlike any one I have seen stateside. I cant say anything about the quality or the knowledgebase of the tuner. I would highly doubt that the guy has much knowledge in vipers being that there cant be more than a handful over there. Moreover the car is using stock injectors, indicating it cant be making a whole lot over 600 rwhp, and even then its pushing hte limits of the stock system. I would say its worth marginally more than a stock good condition Gen I. Maybe a high 30K?
I'm not familiar with that supercharger layout so I would speculate that it is either a completely custom setup or is a kit offered by a company no longer in business. If the car was a verified Heffner or DLM car I would say go for it. Given the temperment of a highly modified car, I would tend to stay away from one of any unknown history or with work done from a company you cannot readily contact. I imagine the car is a very rare offering in Japan, but I would pass on this car and look for a nice clean stock Viper. This way you can be sure it is not going to cause you any problems later on due to unknown issues caused by modification.
You may want to contact Japan's branch of the Viper Club of America to have someone local check it out.

Japan VCA website:
Thanks for your advice/comments everybody . Greatly appreciated. Seems the wise thing to do would be pass on it. Current bid is around $37G anyway - it'll probably go higher -
I think the set up probably is custom - and as is often the case, I suspect some guy probably did pay w-a-y to much for it in the beginning. As Matt noted, pretty rare here, so the price seems to be getting inflated. I was kinda hoping somebody would say it was a verified, ultra-rare monster - yeah - in my dreams, right?
Thanks also for the Japanese link. I'll see what I can dig up there.
Have a good week guys.
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