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V10 Nationals - SVS

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First off I must say that everyone I met were extremely nice and cordial. Reminded me when we use to run in the Viper Days series, great people, great fun, everyone helping each other out. Wish I would have felt better to hang out with everyone and have some nighttime smack activity.

Jeff, Chris, Scott and myself came down in a borrowed cargo van and trailer that we bolted 2 bench seats in from a Chevy Astro van. It wasn’t so bad of a ride but it was definitely limited in the luxury department. I called it the Frozen Fuselage Tour. I got sick on the way down while slamming red bulls and staying behind the wheel for 12 hours straight. It was a Sudaphedrine weekend. The guys all got a little sick also. Guerilla Racing at its finest.

Ron Sr. Don Sleik and Paul Nicotra all had flights in on Friday.

We wanted to go to the dyno but everyone had to get some rest.

Ron Sr. - Jeff - Paul


We came down to San Antonio with the 6 speed in the Stryker. We wanted to compete in every event that we could and also test as much as we could. After running in the street tire shootout, I learned that I needed a gas pedal feel that has greater resistance than the one in the Stryker. The spring that is in the car is way too weak to gauge slippage and be able to compensate quick enough. Also my 6 speed skills need a lot of work and I understand what everyone talks about on the boards about Drag Racing the Viper with a 6 speed. It sure is an art that takes time to learn. The 2 speed? Well that’s like going out for groceries. The best time we pulled with the 6 speed and street tires was an 11.1 @ around 146 or 147mph.

We wasted beautiful testing time Saturday afternoon trying to run in the street tire shootout. When we finally got a chance to put the slicks on and test with the 6 speed it was around 8:00pm and F was it cold! I think it was in the 30’s.We made a couple of passes and I was spinning the tires all the way through third gear. During these runs we also started to test our launch control. The best time with the slicks and the 6 speed was a 10.1 @ 143mph. with a 1.38 60ft. My first 6 speed passes with slicks and testing in over 4 years. Not so bad. We figured the track had went away and we had to leave quickly to install the 2 speed.

6 speed / slicks / launch control testing / 10.3 @ 137mph

6 speed / slicks / launch control testing / 10.1 @ 143mph


We packed it up and arrived at North Star Dodge in San Antonio around 9:30pm. Len McDonald (Viper Tech and one hell of a great guy ) at North Star was our savior allowing us to utilize the facility to change out the 6 speed and install the 2 speed. I really enjoyed talking with you that night Len. If you ever get up around Chicago it’s entertainment time for sure. Jeff and Chris (SVS Tech’s) did such a good job this weekend that if it wasn’t for your guys hard work we wouldn’t even get to the line. We finished up around 2:00am and headed back to the Valencia.



Sunday we arrived around 12:00 noon and unpacked. No time for testing just straight to racing. We went up for qualifying and pulled the fastest time of the weekend on our first run. 9.16 @ 154.32 with a 1.37 60ft. We made 3 runs after that, 9.27 @ 150.96mph, 9.22 @ 151.57mph and 9.25 @ 150.20mph. The best 60 ft. was a 1.34. I was wondering why the track closed so fast and didn’t allow us time to test? Oh well we will get another day.

We removed some weight from the Stryker TT by placing a carbon fiber hood from our 96 RT10 Road Race Viper. Other weight came from removing necessary equipment needed for racing at the salt flats. We removed 180lbs total.


Len McDonald helped keep me in the right frame of mind and gave excellent coaching.


I love my job!


Notice anything strange going on during the InCar Video?

In Car / 2speed / 9.16 @ 154.32

Side angle/ 2speed / 9.16 @ 154.32


What happened to the 8’s ?????????????? Believe me I’m scratching my head and wondering the whole time I was there. Many people wanted to see it. I’m not really interested in bragging rights only progress. I can tell you that we took 180# out of the Stryker before coming down to San Antonio. We made improvements in our torque converter. We utilized launch control to build the boost on the line. We think we have figured out some of the data and will continue to formulate a plan until next time.

I didn't have a group picture but this is from the standing mile in Nebraska.
Front is Paul, Jr. and Chris - Back is Jeff, Don and Jim H.


Very cool Trophies!


Thanks David Boggs for putting on the event! Everyone was a winner for showing up and having a great time.

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Moundir said:
SVS Turbo said:
The guy to watch out for is Moundir, once he gets his DLM he surely will be one aggressive Mofo. /images/graemlins/nana
Funny how you got that impression of me from a simple hello :lolcry: I really wish I would have gotten the chance to bs with you some more. It was a busy day sunday and you guys did kick some serious Hennessey /images/graemlins/carrot I'm commend you for coming all that way to race the man in his own backyard :eatpop: Too bad he could not bring his 8 sec car out /images/graemlins/surrender Same track same day, you guys would have wasted that car on boost only of course :kick:
If I see you in the fl event, I hope we can party at night this time. You missed some legendary shit dude :cheers:
Hey Moundir - you are right, SVS by far had the quickest car there and nothing else was even close. But nothing came close to our 8.93 record ET either, so its all good as far as I'm concerned. We are happy with having our SRT running bests of 9.75 ET and 152.2 mph. Hopefully we can match up one of our auto Vipers with the SVS car at an upcoming event. Moundir - keep up the good work on the party boy patrol and leave the racing to the racers, thanks.
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SVS Turbo said:
Moundir said:
Man I watched it about 10x and still dont see it, what did you do???
I was a little bummed about all the hype on the internet that was created about us racing against Hennessey. Then there was nothing that appeared. :ugh: We busted our ass to get down there expecting at least 2 or 3 of John's TT setups to compete. Even if they were running nitrous so what? It still would have been great racing for the people who showed up. I'm not sure but the 8.93 Viper may no longer have nitrous and would have been a poor showing for John? Or the owner just feels like he has nothing to prove or maybe he was just unable to make it. I was under the impression that John had these customers cars at his fingertips? /images/graemlins/confused
Jr. dont sell yourself short, you were smart to bring the car and lay down the smack no matter who else was there. We wanted to bring the 8.93 car but you are correct that the owner did not feel the need to prove anything. It still has NOS on it, but had we been able to bring it to the event, I would have gladly run you without it. FYI, we ran 8.93 in May at the same track when it was 95 deg. I did post a few weeks before the event that the 8.93 car was not going to be there. Dont worry too much about that car as it may or may not be at future events. We have 2 more TT/auto Vipers in the pipeline and will have them at 2004 events. We also plan to match up at a few standing mile events. We have a dedicated shop car under construction so we can control which events it goes to. What I want to know is how in the heck do you get a 1.38 60 ft. out of a 6-speed? Yet another very impressive number from you guys! Too bad we were not able to match up your TT with our SRT TT, 6-speed vs 6-speed. Maybe next time.
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SVS Turbo said:
Jr. dont sell yourself short, you were smart to bring the car and lay down the smack no matter who else was there.
Maybe next time.
Sell myself short? /images/graemlins/laughing.gif I was only stating that you created a lot of hype about racing and didn't come through with anything. Only testing your SRT.

John, I don't believe you raced anyone heads up. Or even participated in the event for that matter.

Lay down the smack? I was interested in racing, not smacking.

Maybe next time? Yeah sure maybe next time.

Oh... by the way... uh... thanks for the hug. Was that because we didn't beat your 8.93? or was that like one of those special hugs from the Godfather?

What was it that you sprayed on the intercooler of the SRT at the line? I seen your guy carrying around that shiny silver cannister and was just wondering?

Are you bringing anything to Florida to make sure that those 8 sec Vettes don't clean up for the overall? :leaving:
Dont sweat it Jr. There will be plenty of future drag racing events. Bring your SRT TT next time and we can match them up. Who knows, we might even have an SRT TT / auto for you to run against.

FYI, there is going to be a standing mile race in TX in Feb., 2004.

For somebody who ran so fast, you sure do a lot of whining.

John Hennessey
First and Only Viper in the 8's: 8.93 @ 149.65
First and Only Viper SRT in the 9's: 9.75 @ 148.7 (no NOS)

PS - we broke our diff. in testing and didnt get it fixed until after the eliminations started. That's racin'.
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Packet - I hear you and SVS. I did post that our customer decided not to ship his car to/from PA a few weeks before the race. Nothing I could do about that.

If SVS was coming to race me and me only, they could have left their 6-speed in the car and just raced us all day Sunday if that was their main reason for coming to Texas. We had a stock motor SRT TT that ran 9.7-9.8 @ 148-152 that would have given their 10.1 @ 144 6-speed set-up a few good runs.

Here is my offer to Jr. We have a shop car under construction and it should be ready to race some time in the Spring of 2004. I will be more than glad to bring it to an event at Byron, IL in the Spring/Summer. Does that seem fair?
Jr. - we sprayed the intercooler on some runs after the burnout to cool it down. Not sure if its of any benefit or not as I think it tends to lead to more wheel spin off the line.

Tony1 - we made our first 2 passes of the day, both without the NOS bottle in the car. The car was inspected and shown to be without the bottle. First pass was 9.88 @ 152.2 (14 psi) with a 1.64 60 ft. and the next pass was 9.75 @ 148.7 (13 psi) with a 1.48 60 ft. When we tried the NOS after repairing the diff, we never got it to work on the 2 final passes of the day. Like everybody else, we got rushed off the track. We got 3 passes in the 9's without NOS that weekend, including a 9.94 on Sat. nite.

With 5 SRT TT's in production right now, we will have a few others headed to the track soon. Maybe FL, we will see.
Well, all we can go by is what our customers want to do with their cars. Everybody has a different goal with their cars. Our customer's goal was to have the quickest V10 Viper in the world and to run an 8. We attained these goals for him 8 months ago. It's his car, he spent the money and he really has no interest in proving anything to anybody. On the other hand, I would love nothing more than to be able to take his car to the track every chance I get and race SVS or any other fast Viper. But I dont get to make that choice.

Here are a few facts about the 8.93 Venom Twin Turbo: It ran 8.93 with a 95 deg. ambient air temp back in May. The car had been running for about 4 months prior to the 8. It ran 9.9 at its first trip to the track. Ran 9.6 on its second trip to the track. Ran 9.2 on its 3rd trip. And ran 8.9 on its 4th trip. We turned the number on 10 psi and a 150 shot. This car has another half second and 10+ mph in it. We never came close to being anywhere close to its full potential. Once we attained the customer's goals with the car, we sent the car to him. Its a total street car with full interior, AC, CD player. I would love to show it off to everybody at the track, but the owner is having more fun showing it off to his friends in PA and that is the way it should be.

We built the first 8-second V10-powered Viper and we will build a few more 8-second Vipers including an SRT. We will race them if our customers give us the green light to do so.

SVS has a lot to be proud of with what they have accomplished with their Viper. They own the car and can decide when and where to race it. And I am sure that their customers can decide if they want their cars raced too.

I promise Ron Jr. that we will bring a car to IL in 2004 to race him at his home track. And I am sure we will match up at future V10 Nationals events and some standing mile events. I love the racing action and look forward to some good head to head competition in the future.
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All good points Dr. Roof. There could be a half dozen auto trans. Vipers racing at Bowling Green this coming Spring. I think every tuner should have an auto Viper and show everyone how fast their fastest car is. Roof - now that you are leading the charge for the drag racers and have a schedule for future events, this will help motivate everyone to be more competitive. More competition will make for quicker and faster cars. I know we are working hard to remain competitive at the track.

It is funny to see how quickly the "if its got an auto its not a Viper" crowd decided to get an auto. Now they (RSI) just need to figure out how to use it.

MachoMan - we have a few customer TT cars in production that we have the approval to race, both 6-speed and auto. We will be glad to match up boost vs. boost or how ever the fast cars want to race.
Sounds good Jr. At this point we plan to bring the same SRT TT to FL with 6-speed. We can match it up with you, 6-speed v. 6-speed, no NOS. You had the best 60 ft. I have ever seen from a 6-speed at the TX event wtih a 1.38 on your 10.1 @ 143 pass. I dont really care about racing any other tuners as I am happy just to go head to head with you since that is what everybody wants to see.

I dont forsee that we will have a TT/auto car ready for FL but if we do we will run you with that too.

Let's match the TT Vipers up for a 20 lap race on the road course. Surely you are as confident in your TT's reliability as you are in your driving skills. We can save this one for when we bring our TT up north in the spring and go to your home track at Gingerman.
Rohn, we were just out doing some testing, nothing special. I was going to ask you the same thing about the 1060 rw hp SC Viper that was running 10's? I suppose the answer would be the same as mine being that if you dont test, you dont learn.
House of Speed - not sure what your commentary means in terms of results at the track. I am far more interested in actual results than anything else. And the glide has given me the results I wanted. The glide migth not be perfect but it fits in the car and it does not break with 1000+ rw tq. Other transmission combinations have yet to be tried / failed. The emperor was going to do a Lenco behind a V10 but he must have decided it was smarter to use a glide instead.

Jr - how about the TT vs TT on the road course in the spring? 20 laps at Gingerman. We might even spot you a head start. What say you?
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