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V10 Nationals Dyno Day-Directions/Infomation

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Here are the directions to the dyno facility. I have included directions from the track and from North and South of San Antonio via Interstate 35.

Please reply here if you plan to attend so we can get a car count.

From the North (Austin): Take Interstate 35 South to FM 3009 (exit 175). Turn right on FM 3009 (by Diamond Shamrock gas station). Go 1.5 miles to red light (you will cross rail road tracks, go slow in the Snakes, lowered cars WILL NOT drag) and take a left (South) on FM 2252. Go about 1.5 miles on you will see a Dynojet sign on your left. Turn in the gate and go down the road, go to the left before the next gate and go around that building. The shop is the furthest building from the road.

From the South (San Antonio): Take Interstate 35 North to FM 3009. Go left over the interstate and follow the above directions.

FROM THE RACE TRACK: Take Interstate 10 West toward San Antonio and get on Anderson Loop (also called 1604) NORTH! Stay on 1604 till you see Nacogdoches Road. Exit there and turn right on Nacogdoches Road. Go 2.8 miles and you will see the Dynojet sign on your right. Go in the gate!

The fee will be $50 for each car. WE WILL BEGIN AT 8 AM!
*****PLEASE NOTE TIME CHANGE****** Change due to street tire shoot out!

PM or email me ( [email protected] ) if you need any additional assistance with anything.

My cell phone is 512-663-8032 and work number is 512-219-3634

Thanks, DW
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A little more info that may help out. I'm not from San Antonio so maybe someone from there will chime in here. I would venture to guess that the dyno facility is about 30 minutes from downtown (River Walk area) SA. I couldn't see it being more than 45 minutes at the most, with any traffic that may be on the road. Dr. Roof and I chose this location as it is about 30 minutes from the track and about 45 minutes from Austin. My shop is about 1 1/2 hours from the the track and San Antonio.

This is on Sat. Dec. the 6th, correct me if I am wrong, David. are correct....that shop is at most 30mins from downtown..i live here in universal city, it's at the corner os 1604 and 35n...there's also a few hotels here in this town...and i've lived here for about 15-18 yrs and it's a good area te be..not much crime at al..if anyone needs a hotel around here let me know and i'l do a little calling around..i'm about 10 miles from the dyno place and about the same from the track...i work at north star dodge here in san antone..if ya'l need anything let me know..Len
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