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1st off Big thanks to David Boggs & the Kansas City VCA for putting on a great event.

Friday we took it easy and ran Rohn's RSI Stroker in the blistering heat. Our best 9.70.

SW ran David Bogs RSI twin turbo to 9.80. With to time at the track or much tuning the car did well. We hope to see some great numbers on the dyno and at the track.

Friday night we went to Harrah's casino with all the RSI crew. Didn't have much luck, but had a blast when Nick got pulled over on the way back to the hotel. Nick was held for about 30 minutes while we were in the car. Dont know what they were doing, but he said no sexual favors were involved.

Sat. Morning: Test & tune. We just watched

Lunch: Big thanks to Norm for a huge lunch.

Unlimited Class: #1 Rohn Kittle's RSI stroker 1st place

Late dinner was Rohn's treat at Apple Bee's. ( they will never forget us. LOL )

Big thatks to all the Texas guys for making the trip and having a blast on and off the track.
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