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V-10 Nationals updated points

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These are the points for the best 4 out of the 5 races:
(there might be some changes made but this is pretty close)

1. Mike (go Cart King) Scherzberg
2. Joe Donovan
3. Ward Reasoner
4. Kevin Linebaugh
5. Rohn Kittell
6. Kevin Howeth
7. Vern Hill
8. SW
9. Richard Dustman
10. Tony Armour
11. Joespeh Dell
12. David Boggs
13. John Canal
14. Tommy Fudge
15. Lee Saunders
16. David Boggs TT
17. Chuck Babel
18. Steve Salis
19. Mike Robbins
20. Felipe Norena

the points race is very Close for the Top 20 especially the top 15. this will be an exciting finish!
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Did the Go-Kart King get points for winning the Go-kart race? Again, pilots should have to race with one arm or just one foot. Wayyyy to go Mikie, I'm not gonna take it easy on you this time!!!!
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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