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V-10 Nationals Texas Style!! Date Set!

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Ok we have finalized the date to be Sunday Dec 7th.
This is an awesome track!!!!

We will release Rules and class structures this week!

Classes will be changed from the current format of Mod Levels and Power adders to a ET based class structure. Example 9.90 -10.50 10.60 - 11.10 so it eliminates the debate of Multiple power adders and so forth and also makes for exciting side by side racing!

Make Plans to attend Dec 7th.

For More info please email me [email protected]
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Awesome Roof! We plan to be there with multiple Vipers running in different classes.
Sounds like a ton of fun!
Thanks in advance for setting up another event. I hope to make it but Nov. is usually the time that we spend in Mexico. I should be able to move some people around and make the trip later in the month, either way my car will be there.

Just to understand
I know what ET's I have ran and understand what class I would run in. Someone that has not ran how do you know what class or will this be from qualifying times? Someone that just put their motor together and not sure if they will run a 10.60 or a 9.60 where do they start?
Just a question

Is this sponsored by the VCA or put on by whom?


the event is put on by me i am searching for sponsors now.

the event is Dec 7th not Nov.

rules will be posted soon.

VCA Support should know soon.
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