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First let me say thank you to the SPonsors of teh event:
Kansas City VIperclub

Several Individuals who want to see the Race series strive!

A big thanks to these sponsors! Most of these guys or vendors have helped every race! Make sure you return the favor and use them for your VIper Needs!

Street Tire Shoot-out (winner must drive car on Stock tires)

1st place Shawn McCauley
2nd Place Ward Reasoner
3rd Place Kory Bostwick

High MPH David Boggs (DLM) 139.56 MPH
Best 60 Ft Time Shawn McCauley 1.803
Best ET Shawn McCauley 11.262

Drag Radial Shoot-out

1st Place Kevin Linebaugh Joe Donovan Tuned
2nd Place Ward Reasoner Larry Macedo Tuned
3rd Place Shawn McCauley Joe Donovan Tuned

Unlimited Pro (Run what ya Brung)

Winner Tommy Fudge ALl motor car with Auto

UNLIMITED (9.89 and faster)

1st Place Rohn Kittel (Albert Choubler Driver) RSI
2nd Place David Boggs (SW Driver) RSI

Super Pro street (9.90 - 10.49)

1st Place Vern Hill (Gary Soltys Driver) Larry Macedo
2nd Place Nick Fields (RSI car)
3rd Place Ward Reasoner Larry Macedo

PRO STREET (10.50 - 10.99)

1st Place Jason Carter
2nd Place Joesph Dell DLM
3rd Place Kevin LineBaugh Joe Donovan

Super Street (11.00 - 11.49)

1st Place Joseph Dell DLM
2nd Place Joe Donovan
3rd Place Shawn McCauley

Stock Class (12.00 - up)

1st Place Kory Bostwick
2nd Place Kurt Miller
3rd Place Terry Moyer

Overall best ET Tommy Fudge 9.63
Best ET 6-speed Rohn Kittel 9.70 RSI
OVerall High MPH David Boggs 148 MPH RSI

Thanks to all the People that made the long Drive! IT is important that you continue to support the event.

Kansas City you are great!!! Chris Marshall needs to be elevated in the Viper World to make some serious stuff happen with our club!

Next time we will run a combo event with the road course and Drag strip and of course at a cooler time of the year!!!

Lets get ready to Rock Columbus on ESPN 2 !!!! August 6-7

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Mike Adams said:
DR roof could you post who built some of the other cars ? It would be nice to know.
I placed the tuner next to the winners. These are the ones I have knowledge about! Hope it helps

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Manny_C said:
Those of you who drive near 1000 HP cars, can you tell me what kind of different in ET/MPH one might expect if you are carrying an extra 150 pounds of weight in the rear of your car (lets say a big stereo set up with amps, etc.) Will the added weight help in traction, or will the added wieght hurt you in the long run?

the Twin Turbo ran a 9.8 with exactly that. full customized stereo and subs and all! Tv and DVD screen. take this out you will gain about as much as 2 - 3 tenth's

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packetjunkie said:

Shawn McCauley with an 11.2 takes home the $1,000!

Can someone PM me his info so I can send over his prize money?
you will have it really soon.

Thanks Viperalley for such a great prize and big congrats to Shawn! He drove like a Pro!!! /images/graemlins/smiles

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ANother PRoud sponsor and supporter of the V-10 Nationals is BTR PErformance. He has been a great racer as well as committed to the sponsorship programs of the series.

Check out his Website

thanks for the support TOm
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