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V-10 nationals Florida Update (Safety rules as well)

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Race Dates: Feb 6-8

Schedule of Events:

Feb 6th Dyno Day Macedo Motorsports (Orlando)
Bradenton Motorsports Park
Feb 7th Gates Open 9:30 A.M. Street Tire Shoot-out
Feb 7th Car Show 6 - 10 P.M. Trophies, door Prizes
Feb 8th Gates Open 9:00 A.M. V-10 Nationals Main Event

There have been many questions concerning the rules of this track. This is a VIPER FRIENDLY track. Safety is a concern of the V-10 Nationals as well as any Track we host an event. However we understand that it is nearly impossible to obtain all the requirements of some Drag racing Venues:

The following is the safety requirements:
Helmets are needed (if you do not have one loaners will be available)
No passengers!
Attention 9 second cars or faster. You must have the following:
Racing Gloves
Jacket and pants
Racing shoes

If anyone has any questions concerning the saftey Issues please contact me via Email at [email protected] or 502-376-1484. the above information is Directly from the track, If you have any questions do not call the track call me or contact me for specific questions. The track office will not have the details of the agreement reached concerning these issues.


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What about those running in the 8's should they wear shoulder pads and a jock strap??
I did not think that the NHRA requires racing shoes and gloves for 9 second cars. Only Jacket, neck restraint and pants...all of which must be SFI approved with appropriate sewn on markings.

I don't plan on buying shoes and gloves, but will have the rest of the required 9 second "uniform".

Please feel free to call me, David, if you need any help with tech, rules, or anything at all.

Thanks again for all your hard work!!!


" drivers in 9.99 to 7.50 e.t. of front engine, open bodied cars (or closed bodied cars without the OEM or steel firewall) with nitrous oxide, supercharger, turbocharger or any car with an automatic transmission in the driver compartment (not protected by a floor) must wear Jacket, Pants meeting SFI spec 3.2A/15 gloves and shoes or boots meeting SFI spec 3.3/5 mandantory"

What that means is if you are driving a car with exposed powertrain or without a firewall, you are required to wear the shoes and gloves. The nitrous and supercharger mean nothing without having the vehicle meet the firewall, frame and flooring requirements.

For typical full bodied cars like the Viper (assuming we all have factory floor and firewall), we are only required to wear SFI spec 3.2A/5 Pants/Jacket and neck collar.

Have a great evening.

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I must post these requirements!

However, You will be fine! as well as anyone else!

People should do the best they can as far as safety and there will be no problems! :angel:
Here is some more imformation:

Feb 7th Gates Open 9:30 A.M.-3:00 PM Street Tire Shoot-out cost is $10.00 to watch and an additional $ 10.00 to race.

Feb 8th Gates Open 9:00 A.M. - 5:00 PM V-10 Nationals Main Event $ 10.00 to watch to the racing.
It will be an additional $35.00 to race($45.00 total)

R/T 10 MUST have a top on to race.


Race Fuel is available at the track

110 Octane LEADED racing fuel
112 Octane LEADED racing fuel
100 Octane Unleaded racing fuel
Alcohol - no additives


· Compressed air is available on site next to fuel pumps.

· Water is available on site on the East side of Facility.

· Concessions open during all events serving hot food and cold drinks.

· Clean Restrooms are located on site.

· Track PA is broadcast on site over FM 95.3.



Cudaman :flag:
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This is a a map with scale in upper left corner, to show you how close the Hampton Inn(Hotel) and Drag strip are to each other.


This map shows the relationship between beaches and hotel and drag strip.


This map shows relationship between Disney World , Tampa and drag strip

Cudaman :flag:

Special thanks to my son Justin (13 years old), who made me a web site so I can post images without putting them into the image galleries.
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I went to the Hampton Inn today and meet with the hotel manager. It is a 15 minute ride to Bradenton motorsports Dragstrip This hotel is aprox 2-3 years old and has 116 rooms(4 are Jazacui Suites).

They have high speed internet acess at no additional charge... to keep everyone updated with that day's results. Complementary deluxe breakfast bar is included at no additional cost.

Room service is provided by Ruby's Tuesday door), they will also do food services delivered to the heated pool. Next door is a Outlet mall for any of the wives that need to catch up on the shopping. The state of the art exercise facility is inside the ice skating rink(J.P.Igloo)which is also next door. Within J.P.Igloo is a sports bar/restaurant Beef O' Brady's.

Within a 20 minute drive is 30 golf courses and 30-45 minute drive the Bradenton/Sarasota Gulf beaches for scuba diving, deep sea fishing, jet skiing, para-sailing.

We are are in negations to get a special group rate prices will hopefully be posted tomorrow. I would not delay in making reservations because this is the height of our tourist season and things book up fast. THIS THE NICEST HOTEL and CLOSTEST TO THE TRACK. When making the reservations ask for the "Viper V-10 Nationals Rate".

Hampton Inn is located at I-75 and US 301, this is 1 exit north of SR 64 (Bradenton motorsports drag strip exit)

The rates are:

$79.10 for Double

$89.10 for King

(941)721-4000.....Ask for Viper V-10 National rate

There is 4 Jacuzi rooms.... they will go quickly.....

Cudaman :flag:
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Do you have to have roll cages? It thought you did but do not see it in the requirements?
You do not have to have roll cages!
Sweet. Already made the call to the wife. Have to bring the family this trip if I come as I am going to the superbowl the prior weekend and while I am a good negotiater, I am not that good. So if I come the family will be with me. Will still be a hard sell as she is not into cars at all.
I couldn't find directions to Macedo Motorsports on their web page. Could someone help me out? I'd be coming in from 528. Thanks in advance.

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