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I just recieved an email from and they are coming on board as a event sponsor. You can Visit their website for some awesome Viper products.

I will post an official Mod class breakdown tommorrow. Their will only be some minor changes.

I also have been recieving entry forms. Several for stock as well as Mod 1.

Please send in your registration form. You save $50.00 if you register early.

If you have any questions or concerns please call or eamil me at:502-376-1484
or [email protected]

Event Sponsors

Heffner Peformance
Doug Levin Motorsports
Elite Motorsports of Tampa
Clark Stegall

I am waiting on a few Tuners to finalize their committment as well as Vendors. I will have a final Sponsor list later this week.

We are expecting 80 plus car's. Please let us know if you are planning to attend.

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when and where? I've been away from the board for a week and i don't know the details. Send me an e-mail (the link works) if you have something already written up and it isn't appropriate to post on the board.

thanks! Sounds interesting... ;)
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