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USED Viper parts for sale !!

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Looks Like Dan Cragin is interested in dumping some parts ! This a hell of a deal for someone who can use the parts..I wouldn't mind having an extra tranny and half shaft.
Chad you should buy the interior components .

Dan Wrote :

I have found myself in a bit of trouble with the wife. Over the years I have stock piled a lot of used Viper parts. Most the parts I have put in our used parts inventory at DC Performance Inc. I have a private garage full of stuff (I really do not know what all I have). Well my significant other needs this space to store some items for her family, which means it all has to go. I took a quick look this morning and could see:

Multiple interior panels (good used 94-2001)
All year exhaust manifolds (about 20 sets)
15 sets of rear exhausts
10 bell housings
3 transmissions
Half shafts (lots)
Flywheels (good used)
Rotors (good used)
Calipers, shocks, convertible top and a ton more.

Lots of stuff I have completely forgotten about. If someone wants to send a truck and pick this stuff up (for $2000) its all yours. If not I will have to cart it all to work and sort it out. It is in the Los Angeles area.

Dan Cragin
DC Performance
310 841 6996
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If I had some extra $$ I would pick up a tranny just for the hell of it. It has a VIN stamped on it so I can register with the VCA /images/graemlins/supergrin.gif
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