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houstonT said:
Roof, while it's great to see who won which class, it absolutely SUCKS not to see individual ET's and MPH's. What did the S/C cars run? What about the TT cars? What about the big motor NOS cars? ET and MPH?

I know but honestly I dont have time to figure it all out! Maybe people can post here what the set-up they was running.

I know this:

NOS was the quickest of the 6-speeds with Rohn Kittels RSI CAR
SUperchargers were quicker than the Twin Turbo's

Overall the Twin Turbo (Auto) SVS Ruled everyone!

elevation was listed at 2500 during the day so MPH was down

we need to get togehter for the event in San Antonio and work out some details
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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