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I wanted to give everyone a heads up about TX2K4 - Supra Nationals. The Houston Vipers (and several from out of state) have participated in the road racing portion of the meet and in the drag racing portion of the meet. As a matter of fact, the RSI Viper WON the drag racing UNLIMITED class last year. I know of atleast 7 local vipers that will be attending the drag racing and I know of 2 others that will be road racing... If you're interested in either the road racing OR the drag racing, please read below.
Peter Blach

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March 18, 2004 - Thursday - Texas World Speedway
We are going to be running the 2.9 mile road course (
Directions to the track can be found at (

Gates will open at 7:30 am
Drivers meeting at 8:30 am
First group on the track at 9am
3 Groups: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced

Beginner: Less than 3 events at TWS, will stay in classroom after drivers meeting for instruction on how to drive the track, then will be teamed up with an instructor and driven around the track to show the line. Will always have an instructor in the car. Will be evaluated through out the day for possible graduation to the Intermediate group. Passing on front and back straight only!

Intermediate: 3- 10 track events at TWS or other track experience. Will have an instructor in car for first session to evaluate performance. After that the instructor may allow solo runs. Passing open on straight-aways with waive by.

Advanced: 10 or more track events, proven experience on the track. No instructor required. Passing Open.

9-9:30am -Advanced
9:30-10am -Intermediate
10-10:30am -Beginner
10:30-11am -Advanced
11:30-12pm -Intermediate
12-12:30pm -Beginner
12:30-1:30pm -Lunch
1:30-2pm -Advanced
2-2:30pm -Intermediate
2:30-3pm -Beginner
3-3:30pm -Advanced
3:30-4pm -Intermediate
4-4:30pm -Beginner
4:30-5pm -Advanced/Intermediate/Beginner

As you can see, each class will get 2 hours of track time. On a 2.9 mile road course, that is A LOT.

Cost for the day will be $200. I accept money order, checks, and paypal. If you send paypal, then include the $6.00 fee (3%) that I'm responsible for. The payments are NON-refundable (I have to use these payments to pay the deposit on TWS). Also, please include the class you will be racing in.
Send payment to:
Peter Blach
1950 Eldridge Parkway, #15304
Houston, TX 77077
If paypal
[email protected]

Helmets are required (we will have a LIMITED number of helmets to lend to people without one) and we are limiting the number of cars to 60. So make sure you send your payment IMMEDIATELY to secure your spot.

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March 20, 2004 - Saturday- San Antonio Raceway (also known as RCR)
10:30 - gates open
11:30 - track goes hot
1:30 - qualifying starts and we go until the eliminations are done

It takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes to drive to RCR from Houston. THIS SUCKS, but let me tell you the benefits:

1. We will have the track to ourselves, NO OTHER CARS will be running, JUST US

2. They are VERY lenient on the rules, (I.E. you can run without a cage).

3. Look forward to the BIG DOGS such as Titan, PHR/MVP, MSP, Virtualworks, etc... to run at this event. I have commitment from several teams.

4. We will have have the FASTEST and QUICKEST viper in the country here as well some very fast corvette's.

The sponsors are paying BIG bucks for the track, all you pay for is a LITTLE fee to watch or run. Gates open at 9 am, the track will open for racing at 10 am. You will be able to run as many times as you want until about 1 pm. At that time, we will take you guys and put you into your classes. The 4 classes will be as follows:

MK1-MK3 Class - Must have mk1-mk3 motor. If you have a mk3 or lexus with a 2jz-gte then you will be put into the corresponding MK4 classes listed below.

CLASS 1 - MK4 STOCK twins ONLY, no NOS
CLASS 2 - MK4 1 POWER ADDER ONLY, this means either stock twins+NOS, or single turbo's
CLASS 3 - UNLIMITED, run what you brung

Now, each class will have 16 cars. If we can't fill each class with 16 cars, then the fastest in each class will have BYE'S in the first round.

You can pay to run and NOT enter a class, that is OK. Once again, the money you pay will go toward pay out.

In all classes there will be a pay out for the top 3 finishers.

Here is the catch, we will open up the UNLIMITED class to vipers, vettes, rx7s, 300s, etc... just like last year.
The UNLIMITED class will have 16 cars, 8 supras, 8 vettes/vipers/rx7s/300s/etc...

3 rules for the UNLIMITED class:
1. No air shifted transmissions (like a lenko)
2. No alternative fuels (no methanol, alcohol, etc...)
3. If you run slicks, a maximum of 11.5 inch wide cold (trying to prevent Paisley type slicks...).
(If you are running drag radials (such as BFG or Nitto) then any size goes...)

$15 per person to watch, $55 per car to race. You will pay at the gate for this event.

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Count me in! this was a great event last year! super fast cars!
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