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From a friend of mine:

I'm trying to get everyone out to Texas World Speedway for a Motorsports Club Driver's Education event on Saturday December 18th.

If you don't know about TWS, it's setup as a 2.9 mi road course with oval ( For $145, you'll get five runs with an instructor and some class instruction. When Chip and I ran, we did the entire weekend on street tires in the R. They generally start around 7:00 am and run until 4:00 pm, and it's in College Station, TX.

To sign up, check out the following form: Please let me know if you're coming, so we can make agrrangements for out-of towners. I'd like to register before 10/29, just so it doesn't fill up.

For convertible owners, Jack Turner, President, told me that convertibles without rollbars can run the Motorsports Club DE event, just not in the advanced class (which I won't run anyway). Also, two drivers can run the same car, provided that they run in different classes. You'll probably need a technical inspection to ensure that your car is not a danger to you or anyone else - I'll fill in on this as I find the details.

Let me know if you are interested.
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