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words and pics posted on our UK forum from a couple UK members who made the trip over and got a ride with Chuck:


As some of you know me and Suzy recently spent a couple of weeks in Florida (mainly working contrary to rumors), anyway during our second week we went to Sebring at the invitation of Courtney (cheers).

We arrived on the Saturday to watch the practice and late afternoon race's, Fantastic some 90 cars Corvette’s along with a handful of very fast srt 4s but the majority of car's being Viper's.

Saturday saw me and Suzy mooching around talking to folks looking under hoods and generally snooping around.

Saturday night saw rain with a wet track on Sunday morning and many of the guy's figured that the day was over.

But with most of the guy's out on track drying the lines and the Florida sun shinning down, by mid morning things were up and running and the competition returned.

Wandering around the pits just before lunch saw me and Suzy chatting away to Chuck Babel after a little chit chat Chuck offered to take me out for a few hot laps around Sebring if I wanted (Did I) all I had to do was find a long pair of trousers a long sleeved shirt and trainers to comply with the track rules.

Hearing of my plight Reg (a Corvette driver) offered me the loan of his spare jeans size 12 trainers and a long sleeve shirt (Cheers Reg) good guy's these Corvette lot.

Anyway suitably clothed I dived In with Chuck for a few laps of Sebring , on the first lap around Chuck was giving me a running commentary of each corner and what he was going to do, a bit worrying here because at one time we were steaming into a very sharp right hander only to be informed that this was the corner that Chuck had come off at into the tyre wall (nice to know) as we continued around the track the tyres warmed the speed increased and so did the Gs in the corners.

After 2 or 3 laps we were up to speed and you really started to get a sense of just how quick these car’s can go on race suspension slick tyres and quality brakes needless to say I LOVED IT. Cheers Chuck.

Returning to the pits Chuck was wringing wet with the physical exertion of driving hard fast and in hot conditions really brings it home to you just how demanding motor sports are, later in the afternoon Chuck had his late afto session so it was off with the borrowed clothes and down to pit crewing to pay for my ride (great fun next year full overalls) with fresh tyres fresh fluid and refueled off Chuck went for his final session.

All in all a great couple of day’s and many thanks to all for a super time special thanks go to Chuck for the ride Courtney for the invite

Cheers one and all

Mich & Suzy
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