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SUN RA KAT said:
CitySnake said:
PaulB said:
Kenny, did the VEC-2 do the trick with the detonation problems you were having?
Paul...If I may...YES! The VEC 2 is the answer. Sean keeps tweaking the magnetic "cards" to pull more timing out and now it's really smooth and detonation free.
What CitySnake said!

And the VEC2.1 is a nice improvement over the VEC2! /images/graemlins/yay.gif /images/graemlins/gr_driving3.gif /images/graemlins/yay.gif
Anyone know how much Sean is charging to update the VEC2 to the new VEC2.1? Also, how long does it take to get the updated version once you send the VEC2 off? Thanks!
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