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Twin Turbo Viper Misc.

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TM - nice suggestion not to high-jack the Heffner thread. Everyone feel free to jump in with your 2 cents on twin turbo Vipers, make your claims of fame here (SVS) and feel free to talk you smack just as long as you have or can back it up.

RollModel - we will be testing a few 543 TT's this winter. As far as the "most power" question goes, its really a simple answer: Whoever is willing and able to run the most boost (air flow actually) and not break, will most likely get the numbers at the dyno and track.

TM - we have run 9.66 ET on boost only and 146 mph on boost only, both are records for the V10 Viper as far as I know. Both of these numbers will soon become old news.
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Interesting John. Do you plan to run Paolo with this new 543 setup?
this thread should be good. popcorn anyone?
are these cars going to have a powerglide as well or are you sticking with the 6 speed.
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