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Tuner #2 on the Board!

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Looks like Jason beat me here to be the first tuner on the Board. Hey, dudes! /images/graemlins/tongue.gif
What's the reason for this board? Not that I don't appreciate another forum, but was there something wrong with .com?
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WELCOME!! The uncontrollable senseless flaming on the other board was what caused many to leave. Although a lot of us could take it, it did get irritating. It seemed like a good time to start a board that was VERY LIGHTLY moderated and controlled by its members. Moderation only when its obviously necessary (IE creation of screenames like APEXSUCKSDICK) and otherwise members could vote for post pulling or member banning. Nothing gestapo like, but a site where the members have control. Before this site all the only choice was outright anarchy or nazi dictatorship. Now we have a democratic system where the people are in control. I dont think there will be a lot of intervention. But its there if the members want to use it. Welcome to YOUR board. Viperalley.
Welcome Bill! We also have Dilusi here to welcome as well!
Only one "s" in DILUSI
Great to be here, your pm
Bill, you know I'm a little pissed with you because you
failed to come forward with info in my support when John was
trashing me.
I know you are a tuner, with a shop, and try to stay out of all
the shit talking, but all I expected was some facts to
counter what John was saying- HMS failed to return my heads to Fletcher Dodge.
Fletcher Dodge shipped HMS my complete set of heads - with all valve train
components - John later claimed the rocker components weren't included.
You know what you got, and you know what was communicated to you
by a third party(Fletcher Dodge) who had no reason to lie to you.
John also said my cam was sent to him - you know that is false.
All I ever expected of you was to just present the facts as you know them,
not to get caught up in the fight.
I know 90% of the readers took my account over John's,
but for the other 10% - you could have made my case.
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Bill you also could have backed me up with the
details presented to you about how HMS failed
to ship my heads back to Fletcher Dodge,
and basically SCREWED ME. You were the
one person that held all the answers from all
the players. And I'm not just talking about the .com board, my case was brought up many times on the .org board, and you never typed a word in my defense. So please unload it here, since this
is a semi-moderated forum - it will stay civil.
Loyalty and defense have to be a two-way street, you can't expect what
you don't give.
HP, I saw the post you made on .com about wanting a tuner to "back you up," but since I couldn't find the original posts between you and HMS, I wasn't quite sure what you were talking about. I sent you two emails to your "thiothixine" email but didn't hear back, so I assumed the post was dead. I guess not!
(You're right--I don't make it a habit of getting involved in these situations, but if I'd seen the original post, I certainly would've replied. You are a very nice and very patient customer, and I appreciate your trust in sending us your car.)
Here are the facts how it "went down:"
Fletcher Dodge contacted us, inquiring if we had a pair of Viper cylinder heads, which we didn't at the time. I told them that the owner could contact us, since the dealer was having a hard time with this particular car. I wanted to find out more info, so HP called me.
The car was shipped to us from Fletcher Dodge, and I called John Hennessey to find out more about the Venom package that was originally installed on the car. He said, "Is that HP's car?" I confirmed, and he said, "I have a set of heads here that he's never paid for. I tried contacting him several times. Why don't you send me a check, and I'll send them out to you."
Not wanting me to get involved with HMS' money problems, HP and I decided that the best option would be for us to start from scratch, which we did. I procured a set of heads, machined them, and installed them and a bunch of other goodies.
HP was great throughout the whole thing. Because his car was one of the first Venom cars, we had to do extensive research to find out exactly what the car was equipped with. He was very patient and understood that these things can take time. We were happy to get his car back to him!
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thanks for your post. The way you present yourself indicate that you are a real upstanding member of the viper tuning community. Too bad that more people in that particular industry haven't the customer service skills that you obviously have.

HP, i think you won every argument agains JH. It's been clear in my eyes from every post made on the other board that you stood on moral high ground. It is surely nice to hear Bill confirm your words, but i have never doubted your accounts of your experiences with JH.

Anyway, i am glad to see you all in here. There are lots of familiar names/faces and i am happy to see you all here.

Glad to see Bill stepping up here. HP, I live down the street from Apex so I tend to be in the shop a lot. I remember when your car came in. That thing was looking pretty beat up, I felt pretty bad for you when I heard the background. I know it took a while, but I bet you were one happy camper in the end - that car made a 180 degree turnaround and left the shop running just as sweet as it looked. And don't worry, no one doubts your story with JH or the umpteen other stories just like it.
I hope no one took this as tuner bashing - IT ISN'T, Bill knows that.
I have, and will continue, to recommend APEX, they do good work, and I
was satified.
This just was something that has been on my mind, and I thought
the climate was right to bring it up. I know my loggin e-mail
at .com was incorrect almost from day one, so I apologize to
anyone that may have e-mailed me from the .com page. I just lately
realized that, and trying to fix it over there, accidently got locked out.

If you know me, then you also know that the whole HMS thing isn't just
my little war, it's trying to do what's right and prevent it from
being perpetuated. I, like others, thought HMS would just go under, but
it hasn't, so as long as John advertises, I'll counter him.
APEX - is a first rate shop, that does good work.
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One last note, and Bill can attest to this,
anything that I would have owed HMS, was just a diversion, and
was irrelevant because Fletcher Dodge could not get John to even
commit that he still had the heads, until I had already made other plans. I have pages of documentation
from Fletcher Dodge stating such, so this after-the-fact accusation
of me not paying is just bullshit.

And I know the thought is - we all believe you - and I appreciate that,
But John thrives on the small percentage of doubters and the totally uninformed, and if more tuners would speak up - we could close him down for
For HP, it's not about cost, it's about getting what you paid for or what you were expecting. He was smart to not accept "I have the heads, just send me a check" as gospel, given the scenario that was unraveling.
Welcome Bill!!
It's good to see you here Bill !!!
Wazzzupppp... I havent been posting much here, I have very little time, ARG!
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