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I heard a rumor a while back there was an SRT-10 in the Chicago area being built with a twin-turbo set up along with a built motor, heads, cam, intercooler, a full stand alone ECU etc. ( I think it was a Motec or something like that)

(Here comes the part I want to verify or dispel)

I was told that despite investing over a year of time from the beginning of the project and even with the help of the particular ECU manufacturer the car was only making around 650hp at the wheels and was untunable and undrivable. I find it hard to believe that there is a car like this out there or if anyone had heard a similar rumor. If it is true, I was wondering if the people came on this board and could shed some light on this story.

I also want to be very clear... I am not taking a jab at anyone if this story is true or not. I just found it hard to believe and thought I would come to the place to get the HONEST answers in the Viper world. I was hoping that someone here on the board might be familiar with this car and be able to either verify this rumor or dispel it as false. If it was true then I would be inclined to recommend that the people consult one of the reputable Viper tuners, because I am positive that they would be more than able to help with the finishing of the car.

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Re: Whatever happened to the TT SRT-10 in Chicago?

SVS built the fastest Viper anyone has ever built. It is a race setup that is road legal, and could be tuned to beat anything out there so far with its dry sump, race turbos etc - it could potentially make 1700hp by their own claims...

trouble is the expertise that made it is no longer there, and whether they can realize its potential now is yet to be seen. It is still very fast even within the confines of what they are comfortable with. As for can they build other cars to those levels on their own now

- nobody knows yet

If you throw enough time and money into a project eventually something has to pop out the other side, ....and the less money, the more time.

As for the Chicago SRT10 TT rumor - is this one of those stories that someone starts off then we add our bit as we go?

i love a good story - here goes....

- maybe its a case of some people are hot when they're hot...

then they're not

and when they go cold,

they go really cold

...kinda like a candy apple rolled in the dirt cause instead of being eaten it got used to throw at people...

the aim was good and it hit people and hurt them

but sooner or later it had to miss, and then it dropped in the dirt....

now it'll never be clean.

poor candy apple - it was a such a sweet one too

whats a candy apple got to do with anything?

dunno - good story tho


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