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You just need an electric brake controller. It's a little box with some adjustment dials on it, and if your truck has a tow kit, you most likely have a wiring harness in your glovebox that will wire up to the controller and let you plug it in under the dash. (On a Ram, the plug is a rectangular thing about 2" long, probably blue colored, should be on the left behind your parking brake.)

It has to be hard-mounted in a level position because most of them work with a pendulum (very crudely speaking, the farther forward the pendulum swings, the harder it applies the brakes). Some of the nicer ones use accelerometers and are not sensitive to orientation/leveling, but they're only worth the money if you expect to do a lot of towing.

Here's a tip -- if you're on good terms with your Viper tech, see if he can get you one for free. The dealerships have to pull aftermarket equipment out of used cars, so they usually have a whole box full of them stashed in somebody's locker at the dealership. Wiring diagrams and documentation for many models are available on-line as PDFs from the RV websites -- note which ones your tech has on-hand, and do some careful Google searching before you select one, and you can save yourself a little cash.

They're cheap though, I think the midrange ones run about $130.

If your truck doesn't have a tow kit, you'll have to run wires back to a barrel connector. A bit more work, but still easy.
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