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Trailer for the Viper

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Im looking for a trailer for my viper as i will be trailering it occasionally to events; any recommendations for a quality trailer
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Ditto...quality...and light...the less weight the better...

MOJO...what are you pullin with?
MOJO...Check these out...

8.5x18 SpeedLoader© MX Manual Tilt Trailer $1995
Optional full car fairing made from steel tube and aluminum! $500

Black Gloss No Charge
Bright Red $50 on most models, $100 on DB series trailers.
Metallic Silver No Charge
Midnight Blue No Charge
Industrial Yellow No Charge

[color:"blue"]H & H[/color]

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i went today to look at ram 1500 and 2500 hemis. im thinking about a black one and the dealer sends it aftermarket to elk automotive for a super hemi package upgrade. cool looking rides
damn nice trailer, im gonna look into them, thnx G
I was going to say Sloan Kwikload, which is what I have (pictured below), but that SpeedLoader looks to be much less expensive.

I believe the setup I have (which I bought used) is about $4500 new. The fairing is fiberglass. I don't know if the SpeedLoader has these, but it has heavy duty D-rings in the deck, deck lights, four-wheel electric brakes, and small tool lockers in the front.

nice trailer Mc, thnx for the input
I heard the tilt bed trailers sometimes have the beds come "undone" and detatch from the trailer.
The Sloan has very heavy latch bars that physically slide four or five inches into big grooved steel tubes on either side. It would be impossible for the deck to come undone. I don't know how other brands are assembled -- I've seen other types which operate VERY differently from the Sloans, so maybe those are more prone. Some of the others I've seen do not seem to have the same type of latching mechanism.
I was looking for pix of the interlocks, but couldn't find any. I did come across this site, though, which seems to have a bunch of trailer links:
The pics posted above are H & H Trailer pics...a VCA sponsor...fairly specific to the Viper.
Rich, just bought a 1500 Ram with Hemi. Dude it feels like it will pull a house down.

Been looking at trailers as well. I thought I wanted a tilt, but I am probably going wit a 20 ft trailer similar to the one at the top here. Can get those all day long for under 2 grand.

Go with the truck. You want regret it.
i go tommorrow to order the buggy; i cannot decide between a 2500 and a 1500, any suggestions?

itll be graphite with silver stripes, billet gascap, medieval tubular grill guard, sunroof, elk super-hemi package minus the wheels which will be HRE. the sound system im doing custom too
The nice thing about towing with a 2500 is that it's exactly like not towing at all. That's all I can really say. It isn't really difficult with a 1500, you're just constantly reminded that your truck is working hard.
Mojo, don't forget how hard a 2500 runs. Unless you have the bed loaded all the time, you will get tired of it. I have had both. Now I have a Toyota Tundra 4door. Can tow up to 7500 no problem. The ride is night and day. I plan on picking up a 5th wheel hookup for the Viper as well; the 1500 is plenty strong for the occasional haul. I tow snowmobiles and 4 wheelers etc...and have yet to runout of grunt with a 1500.

But the 2500 is a mother of a truck. (sorry, just had to add that /images/graemlins/laughing.gif)
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so then im better off with a 1500; damn i just cant get used to more not being better, LOL
well; one good thing; i can do a 20" wheel upgrade easily with the 1500, that 2500 eight bolt is a biiitch
The wheel thing was an issue for me as well. Also with the Hemi the truck will pull over 10,000 pounds. Plenty grunt for a trailer and a Viper.

You will be happy with the 1500. All you need to do is slim your fat ass down. You must be pushing 350 by now. lol.
350, nah more like 375; ive been hittin the krispy kremes hard lately, LOL. hey; i gotta stay large and i charge to maintain the title "Heavy D" LOL
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