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>> Trade My Nitrous setup for your 18, 19 or 20\" wheels/Tires <<


I'd like to trade my BTR Nitrous setup for some Viper wheels/tires. Here's the scoop:

I bought a Nitrous set up around a year and half ago or so from one of the members from Las Vegas (Trent). I was going to put it on my car, but the Viper got into an accident. I replaced the car with another Viper that already had a Nitrous set up, so now I have this setup still in the original box it was shipped to me in. It isn't doing anybody any good just sitting here.

Here is the info from the original owner who had it on his car:

"Selling my btr nitrous gas propane kit. the kit was on my 2001 viper. i also added remote opener for the nitrous(nx) and a nos remote opener on the propane. activating the 2 openers-2 bottle warmers- activation switch and purge, i have the nx 3 pod switch. no cutting needed for the 3 pod switch because it fits where the ashtray is. both bottles have warmers to keep nitrous and propane at the right pressure. and a nx purge kit. i also have a pressure gauge that i mounted to the cowl so i know what my propane pressure is at all times(steel braided lines to the solenoid to read pressure). also fabricated a aluminum bar which all the soleniods mount to. very clean install. i also upgraded to nx coated 6an lines and new solenoids.

btr nitrous gas propane kit $2490.00
nx remote opener $219.00
nos remote opener $199.00
extra bottle heater 149.00
propane pressure gauge kit $200
6an nx insulated line $100

total price i invested in the kit = $3357 (not including another $100 in jets)

intereted in 655rwhp and 905 rwtq ??

655 rwhp
905 rwtq
10.76 et
132 mph "

So, I am willing to trade this evenly for a perfect set of 18" chromed wheels and tires (need it for one of the cars I am selling) or would be interested in using this as a down payment towards some HRE wheels if any of you are selling.

PM me or pass the info on if you can.


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