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There should be enough time on Sunday because we rented the track until 5:00pm to have a Tow Vehicle Challenge. I would say if David Boggs agrees and there is ample time after we run all the Vipers classes.

Rules are only 1:

The tow vehicle must have towed a Viper on a trailer to the V-10 National's event.....


Are you in:

Tom Welch...Dodge 5.9 chipped Diesel

John Canal.... Ford Harley Davision S/C 150

Gary Almond.... Durmax Dulley Diesel

Larry Macedo....Dodge Hemi 1500

Tony Armour....Dodge Diesel Dulley Pre H/O output

Jason RSI ......Gigantic rig hauler

Lee & Joe Saunders ....Dodge Hemi Nitrous 1500....Joe Saunders must drive to give everyone a chance....NOT Lee Saunder....we want to see Joe race.

or Joe's wife.... if Mrs.Saunders races I will get my wife to race her Ford Diesel Excursion against her, and then we can get John Canal's wife Maria to race her and Wendy Macedo to race her and so on

Sorry if I left anyone out but free free to post in on your tow vechicle's specs

I thought this might be a fun way to end up a weekend of HIGH SPEED RACING.....

if anyone got freeing FRISKY we will hook trailers to tow vehicle with Vipers on trailers and see what times we could run....


Maybe we can add a new class to the V-10 Nationals..... :thumbs:

the Tow Vechile Class /images/graemlins/drive /images/graemlins/drive /images/graemlins/drive /images/graemlins/drive /images/graemlins/drive /images/graemlins/drive /images/graemlins/drive

Cudaman :flag:
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