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In addition to what has already been mentioned, I would also recommend you make sure you have the car aligned with you in the driver's seat with the pressure you intend to run. I would recommend you running the maximum pressure listed on the sidewall of the tire. I have run a higher pressure than what I normally run(which was 32 PSI front 30 PSI rear) that was on the car when I had it aligned and the car felt different{not as good} at the same speeds than with the alignment PSI.

I definitely recommend a smooth, 3-4 lane wide open surface preferably with no entrance ramps. A surface that has truck ruts can be difficult under certain conditions at regular highway speeds. Do not even consider such a surface.

Also, keep in mind a Z-rated tire is an antequated measuring stick of a tire's top speed capabilities:
==> The Z-rating(150+ MPH) came about when they thought cars would never go much faster than 150 MPH. Obviously they were wrong. Since then, there are now W and Y-rated tires. A W-rating is good for 168 MPH and a Y-rating is good for 186 MPH. All MXX3 and Pilot Sport and Pilot Sport Cup tires for the stock Viper tire sizes are Y-rated.

I would also recommend taping the hood shut and removing the foam seals that seal the wheel wells to the hood. I lose those damn things all the time!

Get a 6-point harness installed.

Make sure you wear a helmet and nomex racing suit.

Have a fire extinguisher on hand.

Make sure your tires are fresh ie a relatively recent manufacture date.

Have all suspension bushings checked.

Grease all ball joints.

How much RWHP do you have? How long are you planning to stay in it? ==> I noticed you have a supercharger, I would make sure you have a dual wide band O2 and EGT sensors on the #'s 9 and 10 cylinders which usually run the leanest.

Do you have an upgraded fuel system to accomodate the extra powe rassociated with the roe Blower/8# pulley?

I would also ask Nadine(from the UK) I know she is going to do or has already recently done some standing miles with the Roe Blower.

Oh yeah, GOOD LUCK!

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gtsbob said:
R jr
I was looking forward to seeing the SVS and Paolo's Viper run this year. I think the Vette guys were relieved you weren't there. Had I known I would be as competitive as I was, I would have tuned for 100 octane instead of 96. I only ran the shootout because I was late signing up. Ron was the only entrant in the unlimited class. I think there were two wrecks, a C2 vette and a Ford Contour. Nobody was injured. There was a Winston Cup car entered in the 120 class but he DNF. He ran 188.5 in the mile, just barely slower than me. We need to get more Vipers entered. There was 38 Vettes and only 7 Vipers.

Bob David
Bob, congratulations on your very fast MPH!

I would have loved to run the standing mile, but I am not done with my car yet. It is taking longer than I anticipated but is comiong along just fine.

Good luck and take care, Paolo :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
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