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Lucifer said:
I just downloaded the Monaro, Chrysler, Jaguar battle. Man do they hate American cars. Jeremy goes on and on about how the "monstrously large American power plants" make mid 300hp and only the Brits could get 400hp out of a their little 4.4L. Of course, he forgets to mention that the Jag has a blower and is owned by Ford. :rolleyes:
will someone sit Jerome down and explain to him that the 4.4 supercharged Jag engine is bigger and heavier than a 350+ cubic inch OHV V8....

what would you rather have - a 420lb engine that makes 400hp, is smaller than the others, but is OHV, or a 5-600lb engine that makes 400hp that requires more room (because it is actually a lot bigger) but hey it has a smaller cc and comes with quad cams?

This small discplacement mentality is very one sided.
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