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CitySnake said:
nohsreg2000 said:
I have seen an indicated 180 on my Stock 93. If you consider a Speedo deviation of 5-10% that would be in the 165-173 range.
I stand corrected.....although I have "heard" twice of a claimed 187 mph.
I don't know for sure. On that one time attempt at glory I was "all out" I don't think she had anymore. The owners manual lists the specs as follows;

Top speed: 165
0-60: 4.0
quarter mile 12.9 at 109 MPH

I know this is underrated. Stock Gen 1's have run 12.3 -12.4 at 114-116. And it is not uncommon. As for the top speed, I imagine that is without any top. I think that would make a huge Aero difference. I made my run with a Hard top and windows. The 187 figure is a Gen 2 GTS number if I am not mistaken.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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