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tooltips gone?

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I could fly the mouse over a thread in the Main Index and the first posts content would pop up as a tooltip... MP did you disable it to lighten the page size while the 9-11 background is up?
I miss these Tooltips! :dance:
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I noticed it too, it's like I'm missing my 3rd leg /images/graemlins/frown.gif
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tooltips are cool to feel the water without wasting a click.
Also, am I the only one to have my browser totally freak out with the huge background?? the background is a bunch of random color pixels, lines, zig zags, echo of the page cells... musta blown some system resource, memory leak of some kind.
It's win98 IE6.0


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Thats odd, didnt see that...

I'll check on the tooltips, I was making some changes and might have mucked that up.
I'm running Win 98 and IE 6 with no troubles. Strange! Now if somebody could tell me why my password prompt for my company website keeps popping up over and over again - populating one frame at a time with "red X's", then we I will be set! ;)
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