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... because after 3 days of truly shitty weather, the weekend absolutely KICKS ASS! Not a cloud in the sky, lows in the upper 40's, highs in the low 70's and low humidity. I spent a few hours over at River City Raceway (now renamed San Antonio Raceway) this afternoon. The Grand Prix/Grand Am club had the track today, but the track owner let me take the GTS out after their deal was done and before the normal Saturday night crowd showed up. I clicked off a 12.26 @ 118.6 at 4 in the afternoon with 30 psi in the tires and a sucky 2.08 60'. It's really a shame that everyone couldn't get past the Hennessey bashing and just show up and run.

I've got some paving do do at the track this week in advance of the IHRA National event scheduled next weekend. I hope it dries up enough that my paver doesn't sink. Wish me luck...
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