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Don't waste your time sending your $$ to dealers, send it right to Dodge.

Think about it, do you think dealers really give a shit about a car they are going to maybe get 1 of? Sure the high volume dealerships want them but your typical dodge dealership probably doesn't even want one allocated to them. Dealer cost on an SRT is probably what 3 300C's cost, which do you think they sell more of???? It's a $$ issue with them.

Dealers HATED the SRT certificate program and they will hate it again, getting support from dealers is going to be minimal at best, regardless of how hard the few great Viper dealers push for it.

One of the biggest deciding factors in Dodge actually doing this car in the first place was that people with the means to buy this car put their $$ where there mouth was and sent checks for tens of thousands of $$ right to Dodge.

It's sad that Dodge would have to be pushed into making this car. This would be a non issue if they didn't screw around with a convertible first and just did a coupe from the start.
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