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Whaddup homeyz.

Aey't, some of ya ****** be all up arms cause of some shit I be doin. Hey *****, no big thing, I sez my bizad and will makes it beddah. Some of yuz be like "What da fuck ******? ya canz be doing dat shiet without da homiez!". Well, day right.

So, from now on, I wile axe da other moddin' homiez before I be all like "die mutha fucka die!" with my big bad size 13 shizoe.

Oh, and to da ***** Paullo... i'm being da bigga ***** here (which i'm sure I be) and sayin' sorry to a strait thug G.


Translation: Sorry guys, I let my weeks events could my judgment and I had a slight relaps into .ord-dom. It won't happen again (for gods sake, someone buy me some pancake syrup!) and everyone can go about talking about the ASPs like normal. ...But you got to admit, it did create quite a buzz on the board, did it not? LOL

Mad "I'm a flower child" Maxx
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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