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Three Viper questions answered

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Talked with a engineer who has been with the Viper from the beginning. For legal reasons please do no ask me for his name.

1) Q: Should I pull the O-ring thing out of my brake proporting valve to increase the rear bias?

A: If you track the car, yes, but only if your well seasoned. On the street it is a liability as your rear end will come out MUCH easier. If it rains and you are driving your Snake, you are going to wreck.

2) Q: does the .06 degree's removed from the 00 and up cams really make much differce in HP?

A: No. The only real difference is in the overlap. Any power difference is so nominal it is not worth worrying about. The only reason to put a 96 cam in a 00-02 car is to get your valve overlap back for audio cosmetic purposes only. Very expense for negliable gain.

3)Q: What mods should I do to my 00 ACR?

A: Roller rockers, intake and exhaust, and a VEC1. (careful on the VEC1 as it really need to be tested with a broadband sensor or this really expense computer thingy he hooked up to my car) Other than these just spend the money on learing how to drive the crap out of it.
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Was this question asking session a one time deal, or would it be possible for you to ask further questions?
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