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Those of you with aftermarket wheels?

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Just wondering how many of you keep your stock wheels or sell them. They are such a pain in the ass to keep up with, but I am afraid if I sell them I will wish I had kept them. Any input would be appreciated.
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Sold them. WTF would you EVER do with the stock ones? Some say you can use them for drag about having the ugly ricer look.
I guess you are right Jason. I just always want all the stock parts when I buy a car. But I guess I am way beyond that now if I ever sell my car.
In your case...I would sell them.

If you had a "slightly" Modded Viper...I would keep them if you plan to sell.

I wouldn't use 96 wheels for drag racing/road racing as they have been known to fail.
I kept mine, but they were the yellow 5-spoke rims. Hard to replace and part of the original package on the '96 RT/10.
I still have my stock Gen II wheels. I thought that if I ever wanted to do some road racing, I'd rather tear them up instead of the HREs I have now. I have a set of Purners that I use for the drag strip. The other reason I still have them is that I don't really need to sell them and they may come in handy someday.
despite what smokey says, thats exactly what i do; stock rims full set on for drag racing with BFGs or full set on with street tires for roadcoursing? Idont knwo WTF hes talking about "ricer effect" as the damn cars come with the stock rims unless the king of kind words is taling about only doing rears stock, then thats just plain ol fucking ugly /images/graemlins/supergrin.gif

keep em if you plan to race, period
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If you have to ask, then I'ld keep them. No regrets that way.
RedSnakeGTS said:
i sold mine....
To me... but I kept my original wheels.... you never know ....... in 20 years you decide to restore the "old snake"... you'll be searching high and low for original wheels.

I've restored too many old muscle cars.. and wished the original owner had kept all those parts that were taken off.
Sold mine 2 days after getting my new ones... Never missed them yet... Would be nice to have slicks for the quarter mile runs - but I would never use my stocks rims with slicks on them...

Sell.....I have two sets of stock wheels in my garage now from previous I will probably end up giving them away /images/graemlins/freak
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I sold my stock ones. Space is precious.
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