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This by far the ugliest...

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Porsche I have ever seen. I dont know why people paid and still pay big bucks for this one.

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959 may be fugly but was a hell of a car in its time. Still not bad by todays standards either.

Write up in Autoweek a few issues back about all the stuff that has to be done to legally drive one here in the U.S. Big bucks to buy and big to legalize it too.

It's just abad angle. From others the car look sick! kind of like a 911 on steroids.
well, with a top speed of over 200 mph and 0-60 in under 4 clicks, i wouldnt kick her out of bed. Not to mention shes over 14 years old! Kind of makes me sound like a pedophile.

The 959 is one of the better looking porsches in my opinion and I'm not a big Porsche fan, but a friend of mine had one and it looked pretty good in person. In it's day is was pretty much king.
Its ugly but it is one of the fastest around.
I heart the 959 When it's that fast looks don't matter.
And just think, every one of them that Porsche sold to the public for those "big bucks" was a HUGE black hole for Porsche. They cost quite a bit more to produce than Porsche sold them for.
I like the 959. It is still a supercar even by todays standard. The styling is still pretty undated.
959 is one badazz car. Supercar status defined. It may be ugly, but those with deep pockets could care less. It's all good.
That's funny, it's the only Porsche I like. :werd:
BTW, if you see a 959, if it has 2 mirrors, one on each side, it is a Luxury model, if only one on drivers side, it is a Sport model.
Sport model is 100 kilo's lighter.
:No passenger mirror
:removed adjustable ride height system
:removed adjustable dampening system
:removed rear seats
:removed power windows
:removed air conditioning
:removed central lock
I think it's a pretty nice car,after all i like porsche's and almost every one they came out with was pretty nice and fast.
haha thats weird cuz it and the Carrera GT to me are the prettiest Porsches ever.

The 959 is one of the rarest and most collectable porsches of all time. I do not think it is ugly by any standard. For its time, even today it achieved supercar status. There are less than 40 stateside and has been a court battle taking over 10 years to get one legalized and through customs. A true collectable. Any automotive connossieur would love to own one.
August 13, 1999 A new law, dubbed the 'Bill Gates Bill', went into effect.
It allows the importation of supercars.....Porsche 959, McLaren F1, Mercedes CLK-GTR, Bugatti EB-110, etc..
It limits mileage to 2500 miles per year, to take it for service/maintenance, or to car shows, club events.
Also, that's why Remster's Jag XJ-220 cost 300g's. But, he also had to eat the cost to do it, that's why he could only sell it for 150g's.
That cost was in Dec '99. If he bought it a year or two later, would still be about the same.
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Back in it's day...Correction. Still to this day is it one of the most saught after supercars and I wish I could afford to own one, much less afford to federalize the car.
I did some checking, and importing an XJ-220 into the States today, you would pay customs import duties, and conversion(EPA)to bring in, It could cost up to $150,000 for that, and you would only get a 'show and display' permit, 2500 miles/year to shows, events, service, etc..
Those costs, by the way, are like restoring a car, everyone is grateful, but you lose the money.
If you pay for that cost, pretty foolish.

EDIT:::::not to do it to bring it in, but to pay after someone else has had it done.
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