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yellowstain said:
Can not beleive this guy. He will bet on ANYTHING !!!

Went to Memorial day Picnic at my lake property. Bet him 500 bucks he could not ride my 94 Yamaha Wave Blaster ( the fucking hardest jet ski to ride. Factory only made them for three years cause no one could ride the things. Now they are the ones in mosts races.) Well my lovely wife heard us talking and she bet another 500 bucks. What was the bet? If he, Craig, could ride a reasonable distance without falling off. Well after 5 or 6 tries, Craig conceded and paid up 1000.00 dollars on the spot. However Larry at M2 took me for a 100.00.

All bull shit aside Craig you are OK in my book.He may make stupid bets , But he pays them with dignity in full !!!!

( days til my birthday !!! F everyone hurray for ME :smiles: :smiles: :smiles: :smiles: :smiles: :smiles: :smile :smiles: :smiles:s: :smiles: :smiles: :smiles: :smiles: :smiles: :smiles: :smiles: :smiles:
Ummm, I dare say that Craig is playing you for the set up... Lose a few bucks to you here and there so you let your guard down. Then he bets you big on something then he takes you down. ;)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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