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Article taken from this site...

This weekend the last round of FIA GT Championship 2004 is carried out. And with some sadness, racing fans over the world will witness the end of an era. - I highly doubt that the Viper will be seen in any major championships from this point forward. At least in the FIA GT I think, says Henrik Roos.

Henrik is not going to participate himself since the release of the game is keeping him fully occupied at the moment. As you know, the plan was that very skilled driver Christophe Bouchut, by many regarded as the world’s best Viperdriver, should have entered the GTR Zwaan Racing Team instead of Roos for this last race. Bouchut, that drives the LeMans series, have already entered several races for the Viperteam this season and he is also a developer consult for GTR.
- Now the opportunity to put Christophe in one of the Ferraris occurred since they needed a new driver immediately due to an injury. This means that instead of one GTR car, we now have two in place at Zhuhai, says Roos. Christophe will drive in the Care Racing Team in car number three, instead of Thomas Biagi who broke his hand, and help them fight for the third place in the team championship. For GTR Zwaan Racing Team this means that the two remaining drivers, Rob van der Zwaan and Val Hillebrand, will take care of the Viper themselves, having one of them do two stints.

- That will be absolutely no problem; they are used to that so everybody is happy. The Viper has become a very old car model in this connection.
- A car model on the racing tracks has got a certain life length and the Viper has won everything there is to win during several years. But since the brand has not presented a new model it is most likely to eventually disappear from the racing scene. That’s just how it works, Roos explains.
Regarding the GTR-Viper it is most likely the last race in the FIA GT Saturday, something that is kind of sad for all people involved and especially for Henrik.
- I feel sorry for the fact that it was my last race in the car in Dubaï and it is with a tear in my eye, so to speak, that I say goodbye to the Viper. It has been my life since 1998 and for my kids a racing car is synonymous with a Viper.

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