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Im on the left, Ken from MD Motorsports is on the right and the purge is in the middle with the Kenne Bell window sticker above!!!!

now thats BADASS!!!!

here is the mod list again...

-2.4 kenne bell blower
-custom NX dry nitrous kit with window, wot, purge, heater, blanket, the works
-arp head and main studs
-Billet Oil Pump Gears
-Canton Windage Tray
-cp pistons
-manley billet rods
-JDM stage 3 cams, springs, retainers
-bassani headers and off road X pipe
-MAC 3" catback
-JLT 12" CAI
-Kenne Bell throttle body
-mj's MAF xtender
-60lb injectors and harness'
-kenne bell bap
-centerforce DF clutch, flywheel, tob
-MGW adjustable shift handle
-kenny brown springs
-complete brembo brakes (cross drilled rotors, 4 piston calipers)
-18x9-18x10.5 chrome AFS rims with 315-30-18 BFG DR's out back
-MM full length sub frames
-DSS level 2 halfshafts
-MJ's diff brace
-AFCO Heat Exchanger with Sambandits shield
-Switch to run IC pump and fans when the motor is off

Built and tuned by MD motorsports (NUMBERS SEEN HERE )

Big thanks goes out to Ken and Brandon at MD motorsports, Jay at JLT and Ken at Kenne Bell! Also to sambandit for the host!


Trey193 is driving because of my bum arm. The streets were cold, we had 92 octane in it, 14 timing and 11.5 a/f and it still ripped....
After my surgery this week, I will make some hard pulls as the weather will heat up a bit here....

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smokin... thanks for the kind words... lol

Im friends with a lot of people on here and some people do care!

I know the vid is dark but what was I supposed to say, dont deliver it till daytime... lol..

more vids to come after I get done with surgery, daytime vids!

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thats definately me on the left.... the other guy is my tuner... we both look dirty... long day without a shave... lol
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