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The Beast is alive!!!

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The Underground Racing crew and myself are loaded and on our way to Shreveport!!! Ol' Yeller is alive again and running better than ever. Let's just say we are ready to play. Gotta go for now 13 hours to Shreveport. :thumb:
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Did you use the split sec. , VecII or AEM?
:thumb: :thumb: Call me.

viper spray I think the plan was to use the splitsec but you know how plans hold up once the wrenches start flying.
Dude, congrats on the on ol' yeller! Kev has kept me abreast on the progress and have seen the car first hand. All I can say is UGR's 1st place in my car in Ohio will continue in Shreveport, La with another 1st place......that is if Kevin can finally get a good hole shot..... :clap: Matt
Sounds like it may have been a gooood race day. I hear 2manytoys took the unlimited win. Congrats Brian !!!!
Congrats Brian, hey will it chirp the tires in 2nd gear??
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