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Thanks Scott W, Mark H., Norm WYD and Gowder

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Thanks Scott for a fine job of driving at the Supra meet. 10.01 @ 146 on your second trip down the track and no NOS is impressive.

I hope you all can make it to Bowling Green. We plan to lay down the smack with both the auto and 6-speed. The current rules put the auto in the "exhibition class". So we will run the auto on friday during the street tire competition. Then we will put in the 6-speed and run with that on sat. in the "Unlimited Class" (the only limitation is the transmission).

Thanks to David Boggs for putting on this event. With Norm WYD, Mark, Golder along with the over/under on the Sheek, Hillbilly Rohn, PimpFez and the Emperor (looking for a new clutch groove) it should be quite a show. The racing should be good too.

John Hennessey
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Another great times post!! Congrats John you deserve it!! :thumb: See you at Bowling Green
Craig201MPH said:
Way to go John! Good luck in bowling green, wish I could afford to fly down or something!
Hell dude drive the trusty Daytona down!!
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