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Check out the latest issue of CAR AND DRIVER. Thanks to Big/Little E at RSI for giving our Venom 600 SRT10 a nice plug in their story. We really appreciate it.

PS - John Myrick, please confirm for Big E that your car had a Venom 600 heads/cam package when it ran almost the exact same acceleration times (nearly a year ago) as the RSI700 package recently did.

Thanks again RSI!

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When Car & Driver drove my car for the two page article in the October 2003 issue it was only head/cam/exhaust bolted on the stock SRT-10 bottom end.

The stroker motor package is much faster. After Hennessey did the stroker motor, MotorTrend got a 10.76 sec. quarter mile on the stock Michelin Pilot run-flats (December 2003).

When I saw the C&D RSI article I thought that it seemed strange to call the package a 700 and then state that it doesn't make 700 HP.
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