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To: Dr. Roof, David Weaver and OpnWd,

I would like to enter 1-2 Vipers in the dyno shootout on Dec. 6. If this deal is limited to 20 cars, should there be a minimum power required to compete?

Please add a pair of Venom Twin Turbo's to the list of competitors. Thanks!

One other thing I would like to suggest when the final results are posted from this competition: Post each competitor's average rw hp and average rw tq from 3000 - 5500 rpm (I would say 6000 rpm, but some may not want to twist their motors too tight right before a race). Popular Hot Rod magazine has been doing an "Engine Master's" dyno shootout for small block and now big block engine builders. And they use the "averaged" dyno hp and tq as their measuring stick. I still think everyone will want to see the peak numbers as the determining factor in ranking everyone. But the average power made from each pull will tell a lot about the entire powerband for each car tested. Just a suggestion.

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John, thanks for the input. Actually, I will take up to 35 cars for the dyno day. I can't say that we can exclude any cars based on horsepower. We will not be using my dyno as it is an hour and a half from the track. We will be using a dyno facility just outside of San Antonio about 30 minutes from the track (Mike Murillo Motorosports). It is business for him and fun for me so of course he has offered his facilities to anyone with $50 and a Viper. I will be running the dyno event so I don't mind staying till midnight if we have 60 cars!

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