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Just wanted to see if any of you would be interested in this. Not sure if this is the right forum. I'll be going and I'd love to see some of the H-town Vipers!

If you are interested, reply to the thread or PM me. Sorry if this counts as spamming, I didn't think it would.

I have no connection to Pinnacle Motorsports.

Pinnacle Motorsports is proud to announce the First Annual "Texas Running of the Bulls"...which is a Fun Run to Blue Bonnet Farms in Bellville, Tx.

Blue Bonnet Farms is a sprawling beautiful Thoroughbred Horse Farm in the rolling hills of Bellville, owned by my very long time client and friend, Mr. Ed Perwien.

Mr. Perwien is the original owner of a 1972 Lamborghini Espada and as such is the Grand Father of the Texas Lamborghini owners. He has graciously offered his farm for a great meeting place and B-B-Q. The Driving and Partying Event will honor Lamborghini and be the unvieling of another client Mark Carneys 98 Diablo VT-TT (twin turbo).

At present we have about 10 Lamborghinis signed up for a run from their respective cities of Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio out to the farm.

Originally we were shooting for late May , but the date and format has evolved into a Fun Run-Party- BBQ on Saturday Oct. 11th at Blue Bonnet Farms in Bellville, followed by a High Speed Track Day at Texas World Speedway in Colledge Station on Sun. Oct. 12th.

At this time I'd like to extend an Invitation to include any Sports Car Owners and Fans that would like to join in the Fun Run and BBQ to Bellville on the 11th and/or the High Speed Track Event at TWS on Sunday the 12th..

Any interested parties leave messages here and I'll get back to you individually with the details or email me directly to recieve more details and/or to sign up. We have guys in Houston, Dallas and Austin that will be trip/field co-ordinators, and are looking for Squadron Leaders from San Antonio and other cities to co-ordinate from there.

The event is open to Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Pantera, Alfa, Vectors, etc., etc..

The approximate sign up fee for the BBQ/Party at BlueBonnet Farms for Saturday the 11th is $25.00 per person (children under 12 $5) and is limited to the first 100 signees, and the sign up fee for the High Speed Track Event at TWS is approx. $350 per car with a maximun of 40 cars. In the event the Maximun number of cars attend the TWS event the fee could be adjusted lower to reflect the reduced spread per participant.
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