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Texas Heffner SUpercharged BoYZ?????

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just checkin to make sure you are coming to the V-1o Nationals????

it is in your hometown, or close enough, you gonna show?

The time has come for the Supercharged SHowdown!!! Several in the area just havn't heard, Paolo coming from along way, you got to show up!

How about the DLM boyz??? Who's coming? it is time for the big DANCE!!!

Roe Blower Car's are coming by the multitude!

RSI has some new Blower Cars that I hear will be strong?

Anybody Scared???
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Moundir said:
utahviper said:
Where are all the DLM boys?????????? I count twwwwwwwooooooooo. Is there more?
Who's the other DLM car?? I'm dying to get Doug to go, but he made promisses to customers that he thinks are way more important than taking time off to go racing /images/graemlins/laughing.gif I'm still waiting for some custom shit to be fabricated, so I guess I hope to make the feb event /images/graemlins/lurk.gif Hey Gerald you pos let me drive your car down the track and you can film :idea: Come on if my car was done, I'd drag your ass down there with me :kick:
The two cars I know of are Roof's and Joseph Dell. If Doug flew out on saturday and flew back on sunday then he wouldn't be behind but maybe one day if he works on saturday. I was thinking if he shipped or Treynor shipped his car to SA. I know there would be shops willing to let him use their facilities free of charge to make any minor modifications. I have called him but he must be really busy.

Mike come on out! It should be the mother of all events thus far for viper drag racing. When I mean "mother of all events" I mean it will have the fastest cars that have ever been to any event all together. We just need the fastest DLM car there. I know roof's is really fast but I thought treynors was faster. Maybe, roof has some tricks or secret mod's, I really don't know.

I know there will be higher HP cars there that are not DLM or Heffner. I mean more than 850RWHP. It should be a 9 second festival for SC cars. I hope to be one of them but I don't know how my car will react to the elevation. If it reacts positively then maybe with a good driver(not me) it will get there.

I am willing to put doug up in a marriott , where we are staying, for two nights free of charge if he comes! All he has to do is pay for the air fare.
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I just spoke to Doug and the only way he can come is if he flies in, which means he cant bring any cars with him /images/graemlins/frown.gif We even called the pulley shop to see where my pullies are but no luck /images/graemlins/frown.gif Hell I wanted my car to be faster than Roof's and Treynor's combined so this is the price I pay :lolcry: Todd, I'm sure Doug wont take you up on that offer but I will /images/graemlins/yay.gif Speak of which can you post some details on that hotel please, like # and address. If I come down there you better give me a ride in that tq monster dude, I love your car :thumb:
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