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THE CHAD said:
Heffner and I will be renting Bradenton Motorsports next Wednesday from 10am on, so come on down if you'd like a preview of the Beast.

There will be no talking, socializing, looking, touching, etc but if you'd like to come over and be a fly on the wall, be my guest. First contact and you're out. Should be quite the spectacle.

Ever see a six-speed street car run eights at more than 170? Of course not, no one has. Until next Wednesday.

Just remember, let us work and once the record* falls, drinks are on me.

* Record is World's Quickest V-10 Viper (sub 8.93)
Chad, I'm praying that the damn car doesn't break on you, or that you can still squeeze your head into the cabin - a truckload of crow would be a hard thing to get down.

Having said that, give it hell. :thumb:
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