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Test drove an \'05, need help from current owners

Just drove a '05 red viper and am thinking of purchasing one. Few concerns and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated:
1. I'm 6'3" and head room was very tight. Also my left knee is wedged up against the dash. The dash seems to curve in towards the doors. Heard there is a seat lowering kit. Is this true and how far is it lowered 1-2"?
2. Ride seems harsh but heh with 500hp I will live with it.
3. During W.O.T.and shifting the trans makes quite a racket, sounds and feels as if is going to come thru the floor boards.
4. don't have much foot space between the clutch and dead pedal.
5. Th car will not be a daily driver so these concerns are probably minor.
Overall I was very satisfied with the brutish nature of the car.

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Re: Test drove an \'05, need help from current owners

Wow - the 05 has a deadpedal, my 01 GTS doesn't even have that.

1- I'm 5'7" so I can't comment. I know there is a lowering kit for Gen 1 & Gen 2 Vipers - so there must be.
2- I hear the 05 is much more refined ride wise than the 01, you can live with it.
3- Again, nature of the beast - you can live with it.
4- see 1st comment.
5- Definitely minor points except for the height thing.

Good luck,


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Re: Test drove an \'05, need help from current owners

1) People of your height have always had issues with cockpit dimensions. Did you try the pedal adjustment switch to see if it helped the knee clearance improved?

2) The ride on the SRT is very "jiggly." Stiff shock valving and high modulus bushings. More like the Gen1 ('92-'95) cars in that respect, but with VASTLY better performance.

4) The pedals have always been close together. Making room for a dead pedal only made the situation worse. You can adjust the dead pedal location, or remove it.
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