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Seems that I'm always adding or changing something around here; it's easy to get lost or miss some of the neat new features that have been added. Some are obvious, others are not - there's even a few hidden goodies here. So, take a look around and get the most from this wesbite! ViperAlley is easily the most integrated forum on the Net - who else has this many features tied together in just one place?


The heart of ViperAlley - the Forums. The Main Index page is a snapshot of most of the site - including discussion groups on various subjects and a sidebar with information pulled from different areas in the site. One often overlooked area is the MY ALLEY section which also provides additional information about your account. If you are a ViperAlley contributor there is a box in the My Alley which shows you amount of your donation, your title level, the amount to the next level and the total donations collected and spent.

Inside the My Alley section, you will find a newly added My Adjenda calendar. This feature allows you to setup email reminders for specific dates (birthdays, anniverseries) or recurring events (like bills). Some often useful, but overlooked features of My Alley include: Favorite Threads and Personal Messaging (that blinking envelope in your menu bar signals new messages).

A new VIPERALLEY GAMES section has been added with a nice selection of Flash games which can be played on your computer when the boards seem slow.

The forums are a heavily modified version of UBBThreads which adds many features not found in the actual product. The interface has also been heavily modified to suit our tastes here in the Alley.


NEW! This section allows our members to create "Owners Galleries" which contain photos of their cars, descriptions and links to product reviews for the modifications made on their car. This is a great way to show off your car and provide potential buyers with information on the mods they want to add to their car!


The Photo Galleries is a great place to upload your pictures for others on the sites. Everyone with a ViperAlley account has 3MB of upoad space and Site Sponsors get 15MB of space to use for uploads. The Photo Galleries has been integrated with the Main Index to show the list of galleries and random photos with links. A new Multimedia section allows for the upload of videos.


The Product Reviews section is a great way to upload product infomration and allow people to provide product reviews. Users can rate, discuss and provide pricing information about various products for others to use when researching similiar products. There is no upload limit; post all the products you think people would like to know about! The Product Reviews have been integrated with the Main Index to show a list of categories and random product links.

[Shameless pitch: PhotoPost and ReviewPost are both commercial applications developed by packetjunkie and are available for sale at]


Did you know you can have an email address? Its free, its web-based and its packed with features. You also get a notice of new email messages waiting on the Main Index page and in your My Alley section.


ViperAlley Classifieds allows members to upload anything they have For Sale. Classifieds appear on the Main Index and users have a snapshot of activity in their My Alley. The user database has been integrated with the Forums, so your id will automatically log you in when you click on LOGIN. List your stuff today and give other members a shot at buying it!


ViperAlley Radio! This exciting new features provides a stream of music provided by our members. You can upload indiviual MP3s or FTP them to a server where they will be added to the playlist. An innovate feature not found anywhere else (that I know of), allows members to VOTE on the songs being played. When 10 votes have been cast and more than 50% are negative, the song will be removed from the playlist. There is also a Request Song feature (click on the Playlist), top requested songs list, last 5 songs played and a current song playing box on the Main Index page. Only members are allowed to upload MP3s. The system is near totally automated and lets you, the members, control the content!


ViperAlley Links is a great place to share your favorite site links. If you get bored or are looking for a particular tpye of site - ViperAlley Links is a great place to check to see whatother members recommend. Upload your favorite links and follow others as you look for interesting new content.


The ViperAlley Store lets you support your site and has a great selection of items.


The often overlooked Finance Section has current News headlines, stock reports, an interest calculator and comic strips! All with current feeds from major sites.


Our site is supported from its member's contributions (in both money and time). To make it easy, this portion of the site has been totally automated. Users who donate to ViperAlley will find their accounts updated in real time with new titles, new access and instant information about donations and spending in their My Alley area. Users who donate to ViperAlley also get immediate access to the exclusive Sneaky Pete Lounge forum (where the rules are a bit relaxed) and additional storage space in the Photo Galleries.

[color:"red"]Stay tuned for some new exciting benefits already in development![/color]


A ViperAlley Auctions has been developed for use by its members. Fully integrated with the ViperAlley user system; there is no need to create new accounts to place an item up for auction or to bid. The system works also identical to eBay in that users place bids and the computer increments bids to the max a user specifies. This area has not yet been featured; but if the members would like to use it, it is something that can be integrated into the Index and menus very quickly.

ViperAlley Banners

Promote ViperAlley on your websites! You can get a banner to link your site to ViperAlley here.

To make using this site as easy as possible; everything added to ViperAlley has been modified to use the single User Signon information of the Forums. Thats more than 12 databases all sharing the same common user system!
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Alot of reading but im sure it helps the newbies...
Good info.!!!!!!!!!!
We need to get to get Sun Ra Kat and ReMix to put some of their wild stuff on the Radio spot. Wasn't even aware that was there --- da Tour be working for the compooter illiterati amongst us ( that be me ).
... ReMix to put some of their wild stuff on the Radio spot...
Remix sent us a bunch of material for ViperAlley Radio and we're been running it in the mix for a couple weeks now. Every so often I do a Sharaz marathon!

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Do you think in the new Alley that we could remove the AE feature? I for one would like to see all AEs removed altogether to see the Alley grow in the right direction. AEs most often drag this place down with their snipes that are most unwanted by actual members who pay to be members of the site.

So how about it?

Please remove all AE functionality, capability and existence permanently.


Jay K.
Wow - Lot's of changes while I have been away! Thanx MP, for the Tour!
Wow, this is old. I really need to update it.
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