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T&D roller rockers, Cam, and Heads

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im considering these additional three upgrades prior to or along with j heffners level 2 SC pkg. my question for you "educated experts" is; what power increase should i expect from; T&D roller rockers, a cam, and head upgrades. second; cost? third; would this be advisable prior to a SC

input please

many thnx in advance for your help and may your camels always find water

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Re: T&D roller rockers, Cam, and Heads


We guarantee 60 RWHP gain over stock with our Head/Cam/Roller Rocker Combo. Most Vipers exceed this number by a good margin. NO DRIVABILITY IS SACRAFICED.

I would advise upgrading the engine first, then add the supercharger as you will have to tune everything all over again once the supercharger is added. Not to mention, installing the supercharger TWICE. We have done several sets of heads for S/C customers and all have had tremendous results.

I am a firm believer in a strong foundation to any future mods, this way I never spend dollars twice for the same modification. I suggest an exhaust system to round out your modifications. Your car will seem like its Aronld Schwarenegger trying to breath from a soda straw, once its running with your proposed modifications with no exhaust mods. We guarantee 100+ RWHP with our exhaust system added to the heads/cam package above..BEFORE THE SUPERCHARGER!! and REGARDLESS OF MODEL YEAR!(Gen II)

Thanks again for your questions,

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Re: T&D roller rockers, Cam, and Heads

I think Tom has given you good advice!
Re: T&D roller rockers, Cam, and Heads

NEVER hurts to optimize breathing before you put a huffer on. Matching components will yeild the biggest gains.

Find a good reputable race shop in your area and have them port and flow-test your stock heads. These heads are not rocket science by any means, a longer version of a 360 head by most respects. The old-school porting methods work well.

A cam and rocker package will also let those new heads suck the air it needs, but a big restriction is still the intake manifold. Your options are somewhat limited right now on this, porting has shown minimal results this far for the money invested. Are you going w/ a Roe system? If so, you need not worry because the stock manifold is no longer used.

Exhaust is only really viable when the engine has a need to expell more gas (thus meaning it is eating more). Finish up your system w/ a 3" pipe free flowing and a set of headers.

Question 1: With a good H/C package with roller rockers (and exhaust) you should see 515-530 rwhp. You would not want to deck your heads to boost compression if you are going to install a S/C later.

Question 2: Cost - Good heads, complete - $4000, Cam - $700, T&D's $1100-1200 plus install, gaskets and fluids.

Question 3: Do it NOW before the S/C! I saw Sean post that his customers with H/C packages and his S/C are putting out around 730 rwhp.

I have Archer stage II heads, T&D roller rockers, Belanger headers w/ BTR 3" exhaust, Roe VEC-1, and I am making 515 RWHP.

Hope that helps some.
Why don't you have Jason do your heads. He does good work from what I here. If not I can get you set of heads ported and polished with big valve and upgraded springs and retainers for a good price. But if you are getting a blower you should do them.


Mike Adams
Mike Adams said:
Why don't you have Jason do your heads. He does good work from what I here. If not I can get you set of heads ported and polished with big valve and upgraded springs and retainers for a good price. But if you are getting a blower you should do them.


Mike Adams <hr /></blockquote>

Good advise. Jason could then match your compression and cam specs. to work with your blower. /images/graemlins/gr_driving3.gif
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thnx all for advice. i honestly didnt think of simply having it all done by heff. my fault for having a stuck on stupid moment. cost is a factor for me so i think it best i just call him up and get to negotiating

"are we negotiating?" "Always!"
Jasons price on heads is more than reasonable even if you can save a little from me or someone else I would just suggest taking it to him. You will save a little on the install labour he is already there. His work is 1 rate if you ever have a problem no one can blame it on the other guy. Plus Jason is 1 st class act
Don't forget to check out for some killer deals!! :thumb:
I have a head & cam package that we use with my supercharger systems. This package combined with the supercharger system generates well over 800 rwhp at 9 psi!

Some of the head porting methods that work for naturally aspirated combinations do not work as well for a supercharged application.

Our package includes: fully ported & polished intake and exhaust runners, larger 2.02 intake and 1.60 stainless steel exhaust valves, severe duty valve springs, titanium retainers, three angle valve job, polished combustion chambers, teflon valve seals, chromoly pushrods and T&D rockers. Cost for this package is 4500.00. We also have several camshafts to choose from which we can suggest based on what you want out of teh car. Give me a call when you get some time, given the large amount of other upgrades we are doing to your car I would be more than willing to give you some special price consideration on the install. Thanks.
Wow jason - $4,500 with push rod AND T&D's - that's a great price!!!!! :cheers:
To be honest, I wouldn't even consider any other head package than Heffner's. Take a look at my HP numbers and you'll know why. Jason has worked out a great formula that makes a LOT of HP and is bullet-proof to boot! As usual, the price is always right and customer service is second to none.

Just my $4500.00 worth...
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