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Swedish Viper Owners?

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I've gotten a couple PMs on the VCA site from a 13 year old boy in Sweden who is in love with Vipers. He was wondering if there were any Viper owners in Sweden - which led me to post here and ask - does anyone know?

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I know's there a few on .org. I'll have to dig up there screen names or e-mail.
wasent there one on .com?
dodgeviper22 said:
wasent there one on .com? <hr /></blockquote>

Markus yes
He PM'ed me on the VCA board the other day - so I gave him the directions
to this place - I wasn't sure he would make it.
But he is determined, and fascinated with Vipers.

I'd say they qualify as a Viper force in Sweden.

btw- this kid has been playing the energizer bunny on Viper pics for about a year now
Jasonmiddletn said:
dodgeviper22 said:
wasent there one on .com? <hr /></blockquote>

Markus yes <hr /></blockquote>

Markus lives in Germany...
Ive received the same PM twice. Anyone think its not a 13 year old kid???
I'm swedish in california. But i've seen the e-mails from this kid (in swedish). He seems genuine to me...
Bogus thread. Any title with the word "Swedish" in it should have babe pics.
He's PMed me 4 times - I gave him directions here - but he couldn't
log on - so I pointed him toward MP - he will come - be ready
maybe by then he will be back on his Ritalin. :thumb:
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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